They say we should always try to live in the moment. Do you think that is a possibility?

Many people are busy thinking about what happens next, or what they could have done about the past.

We can go through life not appreciating the beauty of nature around us. I guess we don’t always have time to live in that moment

Although I admire the beauty of nature, the only time I really get to enjoy it is on holiday, that’s the only time I can unwind.

The pandemic was the only time I really appreciated the green around me. Walking in the parks and cemeteries.

Lockdown encouraged me to live in the moment, (practice what I preach about) I was able to really tune into nature with my God given senses. I have never felt more powerful.

I realised in life we just follow the crowd; we are always on autopilot, and we have no real control over our lives.

We all have a power within us that we can tune into, but people would rather stick with the in crowd of society.

Trust me, it pays well to be different from everybody else, having your own mind, style.

Being unique is the best way of holding on to your power.

We are not using our power if we do not even know who we are and are not being true to ourselves.

The realist people you will ever meet are babies, they are not yet conditioned to be moulded by someone else.

We can reset our minds, by unlearning some things that we have been conditioned to learn and using our brain.

Can you imagine, from a baby, if no one ever pushed their opinions on you, and allowed you to just be?

They educated you in the right things, but made you think for yourself, the answers are within you. It would change the way we look at ourselves, there would be less stereotyping and it would be liberating.

Freedom is power.

 Freedom to express yourself without any judgement or criticism.

Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, would be less common, as most of it is from idealism.

It’s not too late to take back your power.

“I took back my power by starting to love and get to know my real self. To fix what was broken inside of me, and not give a damn about anyone else’s opinion”

Accepting and being true to yourself is part of self-love. Living, to be accepted by others, is lying to you.

I am the type of person who doesn’t take kindly to being talked over, or completely ignored, when I am part of a group conversation.

I do like to hear feedback from others, as long as they do not dominate the whole conversation, as some people just like to listen to the sound of their own voice.

You also have the competitive type who can be condescending, thinking that you are inferior to them, or the alpha male assumes that a woman’s opinion is not worth acknowledging.

“Some people accept that it is just the way life goes. I am not that person. If I have to get my point across you will listen. I have not given you any permission to dismiss me.”

The type of power that I embrace is not, in any way, harmful to somebody else. It is about, making myself known, and my voice heard.

It means that, I have as much rights, as you, to my own opinion. We may not agree, but we have to show respect for each other.



If the world was full of people who were clones of each other, what a boring place it would be.


You need to embrace your own individual identity and stop trying to be like somebody else to please other people.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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