I have noticed many people on social media with mental health difficulties. I am so sad that they find it hard to get the support they need when they are going through crisis.

I am most likely to promote the cause than to journal my difficulties on my page. I like to encourage people to be able to manage those intrusive thoughts and feelings.

I do not like the social media groups for depression/anxiety. I find that people tend to dwell on the past and others entertain it. In my experience the conversations they have are never going to encourage that person to move forward.

It can be dangerous to expose your vulnerability on Facebook. Most people see it as a weakness and would tell you to pull yourself together.

It is not as simple as that. As a sufferer of depression, anxiety, mania, psychosis, and OCD it is extremely hard to just ‘pull myself together’ 

I try to manage my illness with medication, mindfulness and trying to stick to the routine that I have put in place. It is not easy and does not always run smoothly especially when other people distract me from what I am doing.

I do not believe that any person has a right to judge another person’s situation as they are not living in their head. 

I have seen many people get abusive responses, from people who do not have a clue what a depressive illness is like. 

A person who posts about their depression and anxieties on social media is not always seeking attention or looking for a pity party, all they want is encouragement and kind words to get them through the crisis.

We must bear in mind that even if they post regularly, they just need to reach out to others who can show that they understand the place they are coming from in their mind.

No matter how much a friend writes a post because they are in a dark place, I am there to reach out to them and console them in the moment. I am not there to try and find a solution, to criticise or judge them.

I have written before that nobody knows YOU like YOU do.

In my opinion not everyone wants to see posts like these, the reality being that it can be so distressing.

I guess that those who have  higher coping levels or those who are wrapped up in their own self obsession can get fed up with the constant doom and gloom.

It is your choice. Just don’t read it!

Well one thing I would say if you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all. 

A person I knew, a several years ago, felt that their life was meaningless. I actually felt her pain whenever I read this. Some of the replies she got were encouraging but others were insulting , judgemental and offensive.

This girl is no longer here. It took a few nasty replies to cause her to end her life. The thing that annoyed me most were the words ‘I was not aware that she was suffering, she should have reached out.’

We need to be more  mindful of how we respond to our emotionally/mentally vulnerable friends on Facebook. If you are not going to be helpful, then just skip their posts.

Mental illness is a long term process some days feel worse than others. It affects the physical as well as the emotional mind. 

If you do not understand the turmoil that someone else is going through at least be kind.

We are all unique human beings.

We all have different needs.

We all deserve to be respected.


We all have different journeys to take in our lives, not all will be easy,  and no one has all the answers.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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