When I was younger, I used to lie  to save myself from punishment. They used to translate my name to say that I natter, and I lie, hence the name Natalie. The only lie I really told was to take back an admission, which was the truth, to save my own skin. Their judgement stuck with me and made me the scapegoat of the family.

Today, I have no reason to lie to anybody, if I do not want to reveal anything about myself, I would normally change the subject. Your personal life is your business and nobody else’s, you only tell people what you do not mind other people knowing. That is the code I live by.

When I meet new people, I am not very forthcoming but once I get to know them, they just accept me based on my personality and character. As they get to know me, they realise that I am a ‘no nonsense’ kind of person. I have a good sense of humour and I like to enjoy myself, just like the next person, but I am not a disparaging kind of person as a rule.

Admittedly in the past, I was judgemental and critical of others, due to my own insecurities, but I have since taught myself to leave it alone. I may not accept the things that other people may be doing but if it is not affecting me then there is no problem.

There is a saying, “treat people like you want to be treated” and that is how things should be as there is a balance. If a person treats you with disrespect, then they are not worthy of your time.

I treat every person as an individual as I hate listening to uneducated and ignorant people that generalise because of a person’s sexual orientation, colour of their skin or the fact that they may spend time together with people who behave badly.

The only facts of life they you can guarantee is that none of us will live forever, we all have a heart and a brain.

Although I do have my prejudices, just like anyone else, which are based on standards, I am normally easy-going with a good sense of humour, and I would not participate in an activity that is against the standards that I have set for myself. It’s my life!

Some people will lie to you so as not to fall out with you. 

I remember an incident a good few years ago when I went shopping with a some girlfriends, bearing in mind, I loathe clothes shopping and the time people spend in one shop. They tried on all sorts of clothing and one of the girls chose and outfit that was not going to compliment her in any way. She asked the others what they thought, and they said that it was okay, when she asked my opinion, I told her that I preferred the other dress that she was holding.

Honesty is sometimes the best policy; did you notice how I did not say to her ‘oh no that looks awful’ I used my tact to be able to say that I did not like it in a harmless way. I am not out to hurt a person’s feelings or embarrass them.

The idea of being ‘straight up’ in a mindful way is to be upfront and when you have a problem with someone you should go to the source not around the houses’ there will always be an addition to your original story as people enjoy drama.

In everything there must be a balance if you really care about someone you would be honest with them in a tactful way.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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