Determination is the commitment to achieve your goals, regardless of the challenges you might experience. [Dict.]

You must be resilient to be able to reach your potential goal.

There are so many times when I need to work on achieving my goals. 

You can always put things off and leave them till tomorrow, as it never dies. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to feel motivated enough to do it.

Many years ago, I started writing a story and never completed it. Years later, I reread it, and although I thought it was good, I would never be able to continue it as I had moved on and lost interest in revisiting it.

Today, I am writing two more horror fiction books and another self-awareness book. I have started both, but I have to find the time and be in the right frame of mind to continue them.

I have a deadline for the end of the year for the self-awareness book, and the fiction will be at my own pace. 

I am determined to complete the horror novel by the end of summer. 

But there have been times in the past few years when I have felt like giving up on my projects, such as my blogging for my website, as I sometimes think that I am not making a difference, but when I go to some of the projects, people are telling me how they have been inspired.

We cannot allow our moods or negative thoughts to control our lives, or we will never achieve anything.

I have grown in self-confidence in the past year as I do not criticise my finished product as much as I used to. 

Earlier this week, I had an uplifting conversation with a young entrepreneur who designs his clothing line brand, and he said, ‘Of course, I do go through times when I feel like giving up, but I know it can take years to reach your goal. You give up; you achieve nothing.’

I agree with his statement as if I give up on all I have worked hard for; I might as well give in to failure.

Athletes do not give up because they have lost; they train themselves harder.

If I gave up what I was doing, I would exist, not live. I could not sit down doing anything but watching television all day. I would end up in a state of depression. I must at least be reading, writing or drawing. 

I have learned not to overdo things, as I am guilty of living to work and not the other way around. You must have downtime (ME TIME)

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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