In life there will always be obstacles whether it be people you know on a personal level or the influence of religious or other controlled establishments, which will tell you ‘you will not be able to achieve’ or ‘you cannot do this.’

My motto in life is ‘Never give up! Never give in!’

I find that people in life try to control how much you can do by creating barriers. The closest people can sometimes feel threatened that you will become more than they ever will be. It is also a worry for them that you will leave them behind to pursue your goals.

I feel that this is a selfish attitude to have, and that people should be encouraging you to use your knowledge and skills at there full potential.

I always knew deep down that I was capable of doing many great things, but it was due to my mindset that kept me behind. I would use the excuse that ‘everything was to hard or impossible’ for me to do. I allowed my mind to become lazy and lacked any kind of motivation to improve my life.

I have never studied so much as I have in the past few years, and I find that I am addicted to educating myself. It never feels like a chore it is almost becoming like a hobby for me.

I have heard many people being put down based on the behavioural patterns that they have presented in their early life. The fact that they had been involved in the dysfunctional behaviour of society at a young age deemed them stupid or incapable of progressing in life.

There are also talks of the socio-economic background from which they have come.

The stereotypical attitude of the poor working class would mean that they can never become anything more than a low paid worker and if they are acquiring money to buy the luxuries of the rich it would only mean that they were doing illegal work.

I had read in the papers about a black Bank Manager who had been stopped by the police for driving an expensive car. They would eventually escalate the situation by accusing him of obtaining luxuries by illegal means.

The bank manager was found to not be involved in any of the suspicious accusations the police tried to present hence he was demoted by his employers because of the fact that he had an arrest record.

This is why it is important not to generalise about a person  because of his race or background. ‘Everyone should have the right to be treated as individuals’

My parents always said to me that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I know that it is all about the mindset and what you are willing to believe about yourself as this had kept me back from being who I would like to of been. If I had to go back to my young self, I would pray that I would have had the knowledge and wisdom that I have now.

They say that we all have ‘freewill’ to make our own choices, but that rule does not extend to everyone as we all come from different cultures. Some people are not free to make decisions about their future as it has already been planned for them.

I am incredibly grateful to be able to make plans of what I want to do that makes me happy and to be able to achieve my goals without any interference.

Remember just because somebody puts you down and tries to take aways your will it does not make them right. You need to take that power away from them.

There are many reasons why someone presents with controlling behaviour.

  1. Insecurities around themselves like low self esteem
  2. Learned behaviour
  3. Egotism & Narcissism
  4. To exert power to keep a partner, whether it be violence or insulting them to break their confidence

There are many reasons behind this selfish behaviour and the only way to tackle it is by removing yourself from the source.

People who constantly put you down and try to make you feel like you are incapable of achieving great things in life are usually under-achievers wh

o try to brainwash you into thinking they have all the answers.

They are very delusional characters and will not allow you to think for yourself.

A person who tries to keep you back are normally someone who does not want you to be more successful than they are.

A relationship should be balanced with encouragement and empowerment to achieve for all parties involved. Any kind of jealousy or envy should be eradicated.




In everything there must be a balance

Natalie Bleau The Scripture of Balance

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