It is a good thing to be zealous about the work you are doing. When I am committed to a project, I aim to give it 100% of my time. The only downfall is that I incline to overdo things.

Last year I worked genuinely hard, ascertaining that I prematurely reach my deadlines. I was not being mindful of checking in with myself.

There are reasons why I work in separate roles as I want to make the best of my working week. 

My chosen vocations are mostly cantered around vulnerable susceptible people. I have a passion for availing people to find a balance and wellbeing.

Just to give you a conception of what I live by.

I am a professional, focused, dependable person. My aim is to deal with my tasks, expeditiously, efficiently, and responsibly.

I cannot abide people who leave things till the last minute, there are no assurances.

I am only confident when I have written confirmation of any events I want to attend.

My family have been warning me that I am over working and need to slow down. They were right, I was stressed and needed to take timeout.

I decided to take a short break after I had culminated my commitment with my client.

It was the first time I had taken a break in over a year. I utilized half of my time to concentrate on more diminutive projects and have much needed rest.

On returning to my obligations, I found myself being unable to process information as efficiently as I used to.

I showed a lack of effort, and I was finding it arduous to concentrate. I had no fixation on the subjects in the meetings. I was not giving any feedback as I used to.

I reached a point in my mind where I was convinced that I should quit my position. I admit there has been many challenges going on in my world and I just needed to stop, spend time alone, reflect and decipher what my options were.

February is the most difficult month of my life. My Fathers birth and death date are within six days of each other. I am usually at my worst as are the rest of my family.

The 3/3/2017 was the day of my Father’s funeral and is never far from my heart or mind. He was my world, my hero, my reason.

On the 2.3.2022 I had woken up to realise that I had to do something about the way I was feeling as I know that I could not afford to allow myself to lose spirit.

I realised that it was impossible for me to sort myself out with people around me. I spent time with myself to re-evaluate my next action plan.

The solution for me is that I work better when I am in my own space with no diversions. I have had to go back to a fine-tuned routine.

Today I have noted my priorities for my wellbeing. This is my routine that I must implement for my mental and physical health.

DIET- eat more vegetables, drink more water, and cut down on greasy snacks. Eat my last meal by 1830 (Certain types of foods have an adverse impact on my mental health)

MIND -go to bed at 2200 with no diversions even if I do not fall asleep straight away. (My therapist had warned me of what happened when I stray from my routine)

BODY -exercise more. Practice yoga or Pilates. Go for nature walks and spas. (Yoga or Pilates is good for my wellbeing)

SPIRIT – ruminate and perpetuate studying and learning for more rejuvenating and magnification (keep my mind active and expand my interests)

SOCIAL -balance my time with networking and family. Go to more conferences. Do things that I relish. (It is important to do the things that I get pleasure from)

WORK -balance my working life by recognising when I require to switch off. (Know when to spend time with myself when the working day is over)

This is where balance plays a consequential role. Too much of anything becomes mundane.

The way I had to find the correct balance was to prioritise what works best for me. This your life and without looking after your wellbeing you cannot be available for anybody else.

This will not work for everyone as I live alone and have the time and liberation to predicate my life around me.

For others, their focus will be their children, parents, or partners. Hence, they do not have time to become diverted as they are, constantly kept busy.

You must find time to focus on your own wellbeing, because children grow up and circumstances in relationships can change. 

I am sure that, at a point in our lives, we may find ourselves alone and begin to lose our sense of purpose. 

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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