When I was a youngster, I was impressed by many foolish things, but when I reached my late twenties, decent manners as well as respect were the main qualities that counted. 

I was fortunate to be the daughter of a gentleman.

As a child, I used to like William Shatner as Captain Kirk, and Thomas Reilly III as Officer Bobby ‘Hot Dog Nelson’ out of a police series called Chips because, in an innocent way, I thought they were handsome.

To date, I have several favourite actors, such as Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, and Whoopi Goldberg, however, I have never been celebrity obsessed.” Instead, I am more interested in what they stand for in their real lives and their artistic abilities.

“I have fun meeting famous, and infamous people, as I love to learn the history of these individuals and have a picture taken with them for my projects.”

I consider myself to be positive, and open-minded, and I dislike those who show little regard for those whose beliefs differ from their own.

As the years went by, I began to accept that I had been adhering to the guidelines and influence of my peers rather than genuinely living a life for myself.

How could they have all the answers?

I felt constrained by this. I aimed to be honest with myself and pursue things that were in my best interests. I felt OK if I did not intentionally harm anyone.

I constantly kept my eyes wide open to the evil around me. I was able to pick out the opportunity seekers and takers, so I steered clear of them. I was strong-willed and never put up with fools. I was constantly wary of the intentions of others and found myself reading into things.

I have never been the sort to boast or compete with others. I was less impulsive and just did what I truly desired. My middle name is humility.

I’ve witnessed individuals acting foolishly and saying ridiculous things to impress me, and I just find it comical. You don’t need to prove anything to any individual if you are confident in what you have to offer.

Observing what people do to attract attention is funny. a few examples.

A grown-up man performing a wheelie while operating a motorcycle on an open road, or an idiot driving a costly vehicle while revving the engine and speeding recklessly.

When they could have easily passed the area by walking, the person vaulted over the railings. A person who displays themselves as tough but is unable to defend themselves in other situations. including people who misrepresent their lives for sympathy or admiration.

You have undoubtedly encountered someone like this at some point in your life.

Why not just be who you are since your true nature will be unmasked? If I had to conduct psychoanalysis on this subject, I would conclude that their actions lack confidence and that they are oblivious to how off-putting their behaviour is.

If you attempt to delve into my mind, you will become perplexed.

Today, with me, it is of no consequence if you love or loathe me, I’m no longer that lost soul searching for acceptance.

‘I like people and I love real people.’

I had to learn to think for myself rather than simply embrace what others thought.

“Don’t hate on me when I differ with your views; your enemies are not my enemies until they impact me,”

As you get older and live a fuller life, you should presumably make smarter judgements while giving up bad habits and behaviours.

Wisdom is a blessing that not every person is prepared to embrace. It cannot be purchased. While it may seem reasonable to believe that as you grow older, your wisdom increases, this is not always true.

“I know far more than you because I have lived,” somebody once said to me. My reply was, “Have you learned?” since that is where wisdom originates.

Due to their refusal to accept responsibility for why a situation did not work out, some people never learn and keep making the same error. They do not grow, and they wonder why they consistently fail.

I don’t have all the answers, but I use my own intuition, and I haven’t been wrong yet. In therapy, I have a lot of relationship-related work to do. 

While I have the tools, I am incapable of using some of them.

I have enough empathy and affection to go around, but I have a propensity to sabotage my relationships in order to prevent them from progressing.

Since I like everything to be in order, patience is not one of my friends. I strive to bring myself up to the perfectionist upbringing I had.

I am a very friendly person and enjoy networking and hanging out with people, as well as having my own space. I prefer to be around like-minded people who are spiritual, which is not to say I would disrespect anybody else.

I am just looking for the perfect balance in every aspect of my life, and then I can feel comfortable enough to spend more time with others.

I am a work in progress, and I am willing to try to save myself from my negative behaviours.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

Scripture of Balance

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