The definition of a broken person is someone who is suffering emotional pain that is so overwhelming that it changes the way they live. It usually results from an unpleasant time in their lives.

Sadly, there are many of these broken people in society, it does not just stem from childhood this can happen at any point in our lives, like they say the wrong time, the wrong place is where you can meet the wrong person who is about to change your life for the worse.

That person we shall call the perpetrator, as their goal is to break that person and take complete control over their lives.

These degenerates are narcissists they are manipulative, intimidating and controlling. In the beginning they come across as a loving, caring, generous and complimentary, but once they have your heart they have control over you, they will isolate you from your friends and family, they will take away whatever self-esteem or confidence you had so that you will become emotionally and mentally dependent on them.


Case scenarios

A young innocent girl, from a religious background who has been shielded from the worldly ways of society and feels suffocated by the love and protection of her parents may be easily led.

A youngster from a dysfunctional family who has been exposed to everything would do anything to escape their current situation.

A young mother, separated from her abusive partner who feels incomplete without a man in her life.

In my opinion, I feel that times have changed for the worse, where young children are concerned, there are children who are fending for themselves without any guidance, support, stability or security.

A lot of these types of children have lost their innocence as they have been exposed to unsuitable things on social media and TV. Children are also exposed to the adult relationships their parent(s) keep, they are watching and listening to every word and action.

I also think that the innocence of our children is being destroyed by what they are learning at school. I was totally shocked that children under ten were being taught about sexual relationships and gender identification.

I believe that this should be left until they are at an age where they are mature enough to take this on board, children should be treated as children, like I have always said, “you only get 12 years of being a child, the rest of it is becoming a responsible adult’ especially in this current age.

I am not saying that children should not be made aware of the dangers of society, but I truly believe that they should be protected more. These are the reasons for some of the broken children of society they have been left to learn about life from very bad role models. If a child knows no different then they are not to blame, the adults around them are.

As a child I was protected from these kind of role models as my parents were who I looked up to for guidance. I knew right from wrong, and I was kept away from the people that had no discipline or respect for anyone or anything. My parents or relatives would never discuss ‘grown-up things’ in our presence.

A broken person can be of any age or gender, and you can become broken at any point of your life, you need to be amongst the right positive kind of people when you find yourself at your weakest point.

I understand that not everyone has somebody they can trust to share their vulnerability with as some people can make you feel ten times worse. In that situation I would discuss this with my GP so he can suggest a therapist that can help or if you have a trusted church family or a group you attend this can be helpful.

Social Media does provide you with relative groups that you can vent or read about other people’s experiences, but you must be careful not to rely on the validity of some of the advice that you may be given, you must think for yourself, while it is good to get support from people who understand you it is very important to be mindful.



Natalie Bleau


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