This will be the third book in the series of the mental health blogs about my life challenges,
and the solutions I have used.

I enjoy dissecting the meaning of every thought that enters my mind and finding a solution, or a
way of managing the thought process in order to stay in control of my mind.

I am forty-nine years old, and truly wish that I could have begun opening up and talking much
earlier on in life, but I had to face life’s experiences to be able to share
the story.

The truth being, that 30 years ago I would have hidden away from everything that would have
triggered painful thought. Instead, I would find myself sitting, ruminating,
and complaining about being hard- done-by.

It is a tragedy that we spend our lives holding on to a lot of pain, we could have freed
ourselves if we had been given the right tools. I always say everything at the
right time.

The only way to truly learn is to experience it first hand, then you are able to voice an
opinion and guide someone else through it.

I lived in silence through most of my life, I never confronted anyone, I did not choose to, it
seemed easier to sit back and blame everyone else for anything that went wrong
in my life.

 I know that I am accountable for my own destructive behaviour, if I had succeeded In
the many suicide attempts, the onus would have been on me.

How have I allowed myself to suffer all those years? I do not know. The pessimism and toxicity
that I created in my own world was enough to permanently destroy my mind.

The message I hold today is that it is important to talk and to keep on talking.

In order to move on in life, it is important to confront anyone who has contributed to making
your past life unbearable and talk it over with them. Take back the power you
are giving them!!

We must stop destroying ourselves and instead build ourselves up against any negative forces
that we face and surely, we will conquer.

I knew that in order to let go of my traumatic past, I had to confront it, accept that it is
in the past, and forgive with my heart, trust me, the burden of anger, hate and
revenge left me. It was not easy; it took years, and I then had to forgive

Talking and expressing your emotions is a healthy way to deal with problems, if the other
person does not want to take responsibility for what they have done, leave it
with them. Move on, you have done what you needed to do. Live your life.

Today I view myself as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ person, if I feel that I am being treated unfairly,
or feel offended, I deal with it there and then, that way I do not have to go
away with resentments, revenge, and angry thoughts.


In everything
there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau The
Scripture of Balance

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