I have dedicated every Tuesday’s to spending time with my mother. It is a day of Mindfulness therapy. It benefits us both as we have a lot in common.

Every other week we stay indoors and do some creative art therapy and on the consecutive Tuesday we plan a day out exploring places in London.

Personally, I have a passion for visiting historical sites and buildings. I like learning about the genealogy of the people who originally resided there. 

It is not always affordable to visit historical places, so we purchased a year’s joint membership with the English Heritage. 

Life is a struggle, for some of us we work hard to maintain a basic standard of living. The reality we face is the drastic increases for the cost of living and the lack of matching salaries.

At times we must make sacrifices to afford such luxuries in life. Some of us may have to go over our budgets to enable us to take a break away from our current environments.

I am the type of person who is organised, and I make sure that it is affordable and not likely to put me out of pocket. 

I realised how important it is for us to spend a lot more time with our families as time seems to fly by fast and is short.

There are people who only contact or visit their family when they need something from them. This is by no way classed as genuine time spent. 

Suffering from a mental health condition can sometimes make socialising feel like a task. It takes a lot of mental preparation. If I am in a low place, I tend to spend less time with people. I mostly prefer to be with myself.

There are dependent people who feel the need for constant company as they are uncomfortable sitting with themselves. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong in being this way, but I find it unhealthy at times.

I have implemented independence as my number one rule. People come and go, no one is going to live forever and the less people I get involved with the less commitments I have.

I love interacting with new people, but I have a time limit a day where I just like to switch off and just be.

Every day for me is quality time because I refuse to waste it on meaningless projects. I want to make the rest of the days in my life count.

As the saying goes ‘Time is of the essence’ and my time is precious, and I would rather spend it wisely than waste as much as I have done in the past on useless causes.

It is up to the individual how they choose to spend their lives and is really none of my business.

The only time I am brought down is when I am in crisis. I have no appetite and no motivation to do anything other than bathe and sleep. 

I hold no interest in following the reality shows or soaps in the media as they are mundane and seem to have a toxicity about them. I enjoy medical dramas as they make me really think about the importance of life.

It is always good to learn something new and be mindful of what we fill our minds with. We all have a lot of potential to extend our minds with things that can educate us.

The saying ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ but also all play and no work would make a person next to useless. 

In everything there must be a balance.

The Scripture of Balance

Natalie Bleau

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