You cannot cheat death it will find you. 

Death does not discriminate; you could have all the wealth in the world, but you cannot make a deal with God for immortality. 

I have heard rumours of people who supposedly sold their souls to the devil in order to obtain wealth and power.

 Whether you are a satanist, atheist or Christian, it does not give you immunity to suffering and death.

What happens next is not yet proven or known but is in the mind and hearts of the believer. 

Although it is the saddest and most horrific event that is guaranteed to happen, death is a natural and spiritual part of life.

I have experienced the loss of friends and acquaintances throughout my life. 

Nothing could of ever prepared me for the loss of my Beloved Father this almost destroyed me. He was a beautiful man with whom I could find no fault. 

The sad truth is that living a godly life does not exclude you from pain and suffering.

We belong to a broken and corrupt world full of sadness and selfishness. 

The sadness and grief that follows death continues for those of us who are left behind. 

The many feelings and emotions that we go through are so overwhelming that we are amazed how we found the strength to go on.

I believe that you never get over the death of someone you love but as time passes it hurts a little less.

Acceptance is what I find the hardest which leads me to the question of why? 

Why should anyone who lived a godly life suffer in agony before leaving this mortal coil?

There are many people in the world who are constantly hurting others without conscience. In all fairness we would expect them to have the worst suffering imaginable.

I wonder do we suffer for the sins of our ancestors?

‘Personally, I have never committed the worst crimes towards humankind, but  I am sure that many times in the past I have indirectly cause mental or emotional harm towards another.’

The celebration of death is the celebration of the positive impact they left behind on our lives. It should not always be something negative.

Wouldn’t it be best forgetting, rather than rejoicing in the death of a person who did a disservice to others as they were once loved by their families.

In some other cultures death is nothing but another part of our spiritual journey so that it’s not seen as the loss of another being or the final destination of which there is no return.

We tend to focus more on the suffering and how they died rather than the fact that they are at peace and no longer suffering. We miss them.

I believe that death is the ending of the current story beginning of a new chapter.

In everything there must be a balance. 

Natalie Bleau 

The Scripture of Balance

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