It is normal for children to be dependent on their mothers for love and care. 

Hopefully, when we grow into appreciative teenagers and adults, we show gratitude and are supportive to them, when they need us.

From teenage years to adulthood, is when we should start thinking of becoming independent of our parents. We are accountable for the choices we make, therefore begin to take full responsibility for our own lives.

Girls tend to be the first to leave the nest and live independent lives away from being under parental control.

I believe that most girls, by then, have the basic skills to survive life outside of their comfort zone.

Some mothers do not recognise the damage they can cause when they obsess over their children, especially boys.

If a child is not taught the basic skills in life manually or domestically, they will be of no use to anyone.

As we were growing up. my parents would give us household chores like the plates, hoovering and dusting. I cannot say that I always enjoyed housework, but I knew it was to prepare me for the future.

I know that every lesson we learnt in life was for that purpose and I have the most respect for my Father and Mother for their guidance.

In this day and age, I think that everyone, regardless of sex, race should get involved in the domestic and manual work around the house, like DIY, and both become very skilled at it. 

I am always shocked when I see a fully functioning grown adult that is clueless about a simple task set out for them. When asked, it has always been done for them.

Their mother’s does everything for him. She cooks, washes and irons their clothes, cleans his room and fusses over them.

This is very unhealthy behaviour of an obsessive mother, who has given them the permission to expect others to clean up after them. 

The person grows up spoilt, they take everyone and everything for granted. They function as if the world owes them.

There is nothing wrong with parents helping their grown children, but there must be a limit as to how much they do.

The spoilt adult will face disappointment and rejection in their future relationships with people as they have no practical use or advantage.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau 

The Scripture of Balance

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