I am way past caring what anyone thinks or feels about me. I am never going to be your average normal person. 

But I question, outside of ethics and morality, what is classed as ‘normal’.

Many people are followers in society whether it be fashion, slang, or celebrities, and are deemed to be normal, even though they are destroying themselves to be another version of somebody else. 

So what? if I am crazy, I am free to be me.

It’s normal for me, and not for you. I am not hurting anyone else around me. 

Just because someone does not think the way you do, or feel the way you do, it does not make them abnormal. 

Thoughts and feelings develop with experience. The way to be on top of your thoughts and feelings is to acknowledge them. 

If they are negative, you need not dwell on them, or least of all, act on them. 

In the business of blogging, you will get the odd critic who hates that you conjure up deep and distressing emotions that they would have preferred to stay hidden, or the guilty conscience is switched on and they find themselves running away from the truth.

One reader left a comment saying ‘You have got to be gullible to read this’ The funny thing is that they did read this. 

I never force my opinions on anyone, and I don’t expect anyone to read my work if it affects their psyche.

My writing is from my own experiences and using my own techniques. 

My work may not resonate with anyone at all. Fair play. 

What does the word normal mean? 

Conforming to a standard usual typical or expected. 

Well, there’s a surprise because everyone’s habits and typical behaviours are different. 

I don’t even like the word ‘conforming’ it reminds me of control.

To be accepted you must conform… 

Well, if I were a robot, I would be defective as |I don’t like playing by others’ rules.

Obviously, there are rules and regulations in life that I obey. I would not go out to hurt or destroy anyone or anything. I had spent enough time trying to do that to myself. 

I must admit, without the mental health aspect of it all, the problems we face today are enough that everyone may end up in an asylum.

Cost of living, pressures of finding work, housing issues, waiting lists and too much political correctness, are so many changes and challenges for our children and young people today.

So, when someone says that you are not normal, what is their normal?

Most people that I have had the pleasure of meeting who suffer from mental health challenges are talented authors, artists, actors, singers, and medical professionals. Why? 

They have lived experience and are more tuned into their emotions.

I express myself through writing, poetry, drawing and painting pictures. 

You cannot beat lived experience and hearing others’ stories of struggles and how they overcame adversity. 

I have been asked so many questions about myself and told ‘It’s not normal.

~ A girl must prepare herself to be married and serve their husband. Cooking, cleaning, and producing babies every year.

~ A wife must submit to her husband. 

In a fairytale world of ‘princes’ or ‘true gentlemen’ women would have no problem living with it. 

But I have been told I am not normal because I am too boyish and strong-willed.

So, it is normal for women to be less educated than a man. 

I have been called a feminist, man-hater and queer because I don’t believe any woman should be treated as a second-class citizen. 

Labelling me does not change my mind or the fact of the situation. 

The truth is that those who are deemed abnormal are more normal than the average norm because they are being themselves. 

The fact that there will always be male dominance in the world does not bother me in the slightest. 

It is all about the perception of what character you are willing to be the wolf or the sheep. I know what I would rather be. ME. 

I am not saying this in a narcissistic way I am just grateful that I have finally embraced myself in a healthier way.

I like to be real to myself as there will never be another me.

To embrace the real, you are to accept the uniqueness and your original self.

Too many people are trying too hard to become popular and the answer is within, they needn’t try at all.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau 

Scripture of Balance 

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