I am normally accurate when I have any warning signals about a person’s intentions and sometimes, I wish that I were wrong, at least most of the time. 

I never used to take notice of any of my innermost warning signs. I would put it down to paranoia and suspicion. 

It’s only later on when I realised, I just didn’t want to admit that a person can actually be that evil towards others. My friends used to accuse me of putting a damper on their relationships.

I know when somebody is taking advantage, using a person to benefit themselves.

The frightening thing is that some people can become mentally damaged and financially ruined by these people.

You have to be one step ahead of everybody, or you find yourself becoming a victim. 

I was asked to write this, by a victim, who survived this horror.

We all know the type of people, they befriend you, with not the best intentions. 

They pick their victims when they are at their lowest point.

 There will be a lot of empty promises and words, to make you feel you are important to them. 

If you are emotionally, in too deep, then it may be too late to acknowledge their game plan. 

Some people do not want to be alone; they are hasty to have a significant other in their lives. 

This is a one-sided relationship where they are going to lean on you financially and control you mentally and emotionally. 

Words are all they need to make you believe that they only care about you, they will isolate you from the people you love , by criticizing the friends you make and turning you against your family.

They will leave you feeling powerless!!

This is purely an act of selfishness and evil. It’s bad enough that we live in a world where ‘dog eats dog ‘ and some of that is just day to day business.

I always say that you are better off alone and miserable than stressed and unhappy with unwanted company. 

I am putting this out there because It never ends well. 

These people get comfortable, they take everything for granted. 

Do they even have a conscience?

Is it that they have done this before and will continue doing it?

The only thing I can say for them is one day they will pick on the wrong type of person.

The message for the sufferer is to look for the signs and avoid the opportunist.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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