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Introducing "Let's Talk"

There is no guidebook for navigating life's complexities.
We are shaped by those who raised us, just as they were shaped by their own experiences.
My upbringing was filled with bitterness and accusations, and it nearly consumed me.
It has taken me years to come to terms with the reality of life and find forgiveness in my heart for the past. Within the pages of this book, you will find a compilation of my personal blogs chronicling my journey towards mental stability.
I share the techniques that have helped me manage my own mental health, hoping they may be of assistance to others as well.
The inspiration to pen this book struck me in the wake of my Beloved Father's passing, as I strive to honour his memory and ensure his legacy lives on through his children.

Introducing "Real Talk"

Have you ever experienced those moments when intrusive thoughts relentlessly invade your mind, even throughout the night? Personally, I face this daily struggle and have discovered effective techniques that allow me to regain control over my thoughts. By focusing on the delicate equilibrium of everything, I am able to manage these intrusive thoughts. I firmly believe that each of us can find unique methods to maintain the right balance in order to process our thoughts and emotions in a healthier manner. This book is the second installment in a collection of my blog entries, where I explore various ways to achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. If you have previously delved into my thought-provoking book, "Let's Talk: My Journey to Sanity," you will recognise the familiar writing style employed in this piece. Welcome to "The Scripture of Balance – Mental & Spiritual Health."

Introducing "Keep Talking"

After four decades of existence, I have embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery.
Throughout my entire life, I felt disconnected from my true essence and questioned the purpose of my existence.
Conforming to societal norms was never my cup of tea; I refused to be a mere follower. My pessimistic outlook on life burdened me with a negative spirit, weighing me down day after day. However, one fateful morning, everything fell into place, and a lightbulb moment illuminated my path.
I realised that there is an infinite amount of knowledge to be gained.
I humbly admit that I do not possess all the answers. I have only managed to unravel the truths that resonate with my own being. My message to the world is simple yet profound: never cease to express your thoughts and emotions. Continuously engage in dialogue, for it is through these conversations that we grow and evolve. Within the pages of this blog collection, I delve into the depths of my personal struggles and confront the raw truth of my own ignorance. If you crave more insights, feel free to explore a myriad of subjects on Artist Natalie M Bleau

Introducing "Hell of A Mind"

Unveiling a treasure trove of heartfelt verses birthed from the depths of my 2015 tribulations. A curated compilation of therapeutic artwork capturing fragments of my soul's journey In stubborn defiance, I shielded myself from acknowledging the diagnosis of manic depression, inadvertently subjecting prescribed remedies to misuse. The anguish and torment of witnessing my Beloved Father suffering from cancer.
A relentless storm ravaged my emotions and sanity.

Introducing "Dissection of My Mind"

I have come to realise that my emotional well-being has been hindered, and as a result, I have made the difficult decision to embrace the therapy that I once rejected. I am worthy of love and deserve to break free from the detrimental patterns I have acquired. Today marks the beginning of my journey towards self-improvement as I acknowledge my shortcomings and embrace the opportunity for guidance. Although it may seem daunting, I am determined to start anew and seize this chance for personal growth. This is just the beginning, but it's a significant step in the right direction.

Introducing: "You Get Me"

In the vast expanse of my consciousness, a treasury of thought-provoking ideas engages in a relentless conflict, each vying for dominance within the chambers of my mind. To unravel the intricate web of my troubles, a relentless pursuit of brutal honesty and unwavering truth becomes imperative, as only then can the roots of my challenges be exposed and confronted. A small collection of my selected essays delves into the depths of my personal encounters, chronicling the battles fought within my own mind as I relentlessly sought a rational solution. Introducing a Special Treat: A Bonus Poem and an Exclusive Interview with the Visionary Behind the Scripture of Balance TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE Shakespeare