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A coherent sequel to its forerunner ‘LET’S TALK’, the author continues to display her talent for breaking down the anatomy of feelings both useful and destructive. An exploration of the shackles that can be attached in our formative years and how best to free ourselves from harmful thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

Thank you for yet another personal insightful look into the deepness of mental health struggles, causes, and effects. Also, for offering from a personal perspective how one can overcome or at least manage some of the challenges.
Some of the content I find is not only for those with mental health struggles. You have touched on issues that challenge all of us.
Well done and thank you Natalie.
Lucy M

It’s amazing how the writer talks about their journey in this book, and how they got through with all those life challenges. It is relatable and puts some perspective around mental health. Would definitely recommend others to read.

The perfect guide for inner healing. Struggling with a lot of issues in today’s world, we all are going through pain or trauma of some or the other kind. Losing people during this pandemic, not being able to take a break or be with loved ones, overthinking about future or getting caught up in past memories. All this has caused us to go through pain at all times. Some don’t address. Some do. This book is for everyone who has trauma or pain within them that they wanna acknowledge and mend. Truly yet another inspirational work.
Douglas A. Taylor

An enlightening introspective account of a life discovering and acknowledging the challenges and lessons learnt of living with lifelong mental health conditions . Using a conglomeration of reflection, philosophy, psychology faith/beliefs and practical deduction and recognition of lived experiences, the writer recounts personal experiences and poses/discusses a variety of questions about life, living and relationships pertinent to us all. See this as a perspective on life heavily influenced by living with mental health conditions but recognize the relevance it has to all our lives.
Steve Walker

This book is very inspiring with an extremely powerful story! I would definitely recommend this book.

A refreshingly bold and thought provoking book, all the more charming for its flowing honesty. Natalie Bleau has produced a user friendly guide to life and its various emotional hurdles…

Ben Doughty

I love the way the author has written this book it’s amazing and has really helped me through troubles.

Rachel A

Natalie, is truly a beautiful vibrant soul and very dear person to me. She placed all of her uncertainties in life, into creating something profound and substantial to and for the world to receive. I felt her hearts expressions very deeply and sincerely throughout every chapter delivered. I personally it has reached and will continue to reach those in need of her expressions and overcoming’s. Along with her constant thrives into bettering the world one day at a time. I full share the same sentiments with her. She is light! She is love! So proud of her! xx

Leyton Benta Song Artist

A truly influential and phenomenal read! Very articulate. Bold. Authentic. Informative and straight to the point. It was an honor to receive dear Natalie’s book called ‘Lets Talk’. I was already drawn on the topics that were covered that I personally feel will reach the right people…especially those who have an open heart and mind. I thought it was truly brave expressing about one’s story unapologetically! Natalie is certainly an asset to lifting other people’s worlds. Very very proud! Keep on reaching others internally! A privilege to be on this journey to support you. Thank you for letting me into your world nakedly. Love Leyton Leyton Benta

I absolutely loved your book Natalie was so insightful made me step up and realise I can control my own life I couldn’t put it down and I’m passing it on to my family to read as well xxx —

My daughter read them both in one day she says ty xx Marie Munks

Thank you for your wonderful book. It’s really powerful and thought-provoking. I imagine it will helpful to many people. I will keep reading it and reflect on what you have said.


Thanks again and wishing you all the best for the future.


Dominic (Psychiatrist)


Congratulations on writing your book! You have achieved something great against immense odds. Well done!



The London Ex-Boxers Association advertising three of my books at the Sports Bar and Grill in Old Street.
Including ex-boxers James Cook MBE and Cathey Brown.
Thank you so much for the copy of your autobiography. You truly are an inspirational woman. I am blessed to know you. God bless Tracey xxxx

I should of been given this book as a twelve-year-old. It probably would of saved me from the choices that I made.

John of Gloucestershire