Do you find that your life is stagnating?

You may need to find a way to move forward.

Reconditioning the mind is getting in touch with your inner being and embracing ideas that belong to you.

You are getting rid of the old influences programmed into your mind since childhood.

I say to my clients, ‘Stop to take a deep breath. Process, go a few steps back and one step forward to the unknown.’ 

The only solution to this problem is to REWIND & RESET it is no good doing something the same way and expecting positive results; we must change our tactics repeatedly.

You will find the people who do not welcome change are not living to their full potential; things may have worked back in the ‘olden days’, but the world has moved on with more modern techniques.

Let’s use depression as an example: some people from the older generation refuse to accept help as they ‘just get on with it’ hence why their attitudes do not change. They end up pushing away the people they love.

A client once said, ‘I don’t want to talk about my life to some stranger’.  Hence, they never resolved their problems, and their attitude to life remained the same.

Another example is people needing to learn new technology like smartphones. As we know, we mainly communicate with companies through Internet services.

 If you are unwilling to learn, you will find that it will take double the time to sort through your queries.

Social media has pros and cons and can benefit you in the long run when used sensibly. They are keeping in contact with friends globally at no extra charge or achieving your business goals.

On April 23rd, 2023, the government tested the UK by sending an emergency signal to all modern mobile phones operating on 4G and 5G. Many people decided to switch their phones off.

I am okay with this if it is beneficial, but I wanted to know what pandemic they were preparing for next.

I am pointing out that you can do nothing about it other than accept it for what it is.

I have my projects. When I feel I am not getting anywhere, I return to the drawing board and see if I can do things differently. 

Change is inevitable; nothing stays the same, whether a relationship, job, health, or loss.

It is how we choose to respond. We can act ignorantly and end up left behind or find ways to adjust.

Criticism and judgement about things are not going to change what is going to happen. It will happen whether you like it or not. 

The only thing you can change in any situation is your attitude.

In everything, there must be a balance. 

Natalie M Bleau 

The Scripture of Balance 

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