I understand that I have gained more wisdom from my failures than my triumphs. 

I have reached my current position in life by overcoming my negative default thinking and enduring hardships.

The only way to truly understand a lesson is to experience it firsthand and face the repercussions of our destructive actions.

There are no quick fixes or easy paths to learning, and we must endure the pain and suffering that come with it. We can persevere and stay afloat amidst the chaos that defines our strength.

Those who try to act tough are deluded. They will not avoid the consequences, which will eventually become overwhelming and consume them.

It dawned on me that I was relying on my addictions as a quick fix, but when their power faded, I had to seek out a new method to conquer my inner struggles.

At that moment, everything shifted for me as I dedicated myself to rediscovering my true self and embracing my authenticity.

Avoiding your inner struggles will only lead to becoming a prisoner of your vices, ultimately causing irreversible damage to your well-being. 

It is crucial to confront and address these issues head-on to prevent them from consuming and ultimately destroying you.

You may deceive yourself and put on a facade for others, claiming to have everything under control, but in reality, you are only deceiving yourself.

In the past, I used to react aggressively when asked about specific topics because I didn’t want to appear vulnerable. But now, I feel more confident and no longer fear judgment from others.

While discussing relationships and friendships can be challenging for me, I have no issue discussing them in general.

I acknowledge that I struggle with emotional availability in committed relationships. I believe therapy could help me work through this issue if I am willing to put the work in. 

Indulging in illicit substances may provide a brief escape from our troubles, but in doing so, we risk damaging our mental well-being.

Confronting challenges directly taps into our inner resilience and strengthens our resolve.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau

Scripture of Balance 

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