I do not class myself as ‘religious,’ in fact I dislike the word religion as it has no meaning to me other than a reminder of why we have so many wars and conflict in the world.

I have respect for people who are truly devoted to God in their faith, words, and actions.

It is common for certain types of people to call themselves an instrument of God. Then they can obtain the power to control the people in their tribe by judgement and condemnation.

I also know a lot of people who deny that there is a God, until they are in a dire situation. They ask everyone to pray for them, if it does not go their way, they blame God. If things work out, God is on the back burner, to be used in another crisis.

If you have a relationship with God. It’s between you and God, no one has a right to question you about how often you go to church, or how much tithes you are giving. 

I remember a saying ‘Angel on Sunday, devil in the week’ and this rings true. The ones that seem to go around casting aspersions on others are the hypocrites.

Many people go to church every week, which does not make them holier than the person who has faith in God and does is not regularly in attendance. The question is do they practice what they believe in.

Weddings, funerals, christenings, baptisms mostly take place in a church to be acknowledged by God. Hence it is through God that we make our promises.

I faced many challenges in my life, I have never denied God’s presence in it all whether the result was good or bad.


I prayed for the life of my Father , that God would take me instead and spare him. God still took my Father and yes, I was incredibly angry with him. So yes, God has always been a constant in my life and always will be. 

No matter how I may want to turn my back on him because things do not always go my way, he is always present even in the pause.

Honestly, I rarely attend church services, I am not good at sitting down anywhere too long. That goes for meetings and travelling.

I have the tendency to get fidgety and irritated and have a serious lack of concentration.

I pray to God regularly, not always on my knees, as I believe you can talk to him anytime and anywhere and it does not have to be aloud. 

I find that there is a healthy balance when you pray for forgiveness, gratitude and for others, not just for yourself. 

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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