I often laugh to myself when I hear the phrase ‘real talk’ as it reminds me about how true I have to be to myself. I must use my voice in an honest and respective way, standing up for what I believe to be my truth.

This is why I decided to call my second book ‘Real Talk’ because it is my truth.

I am continuously finding subjects that I am enthusiastic about and of an evening, I have thought-provoking discussions with my Aunt Miriam on video call in Grenada.

I have mentioned my Aunt before in previous blogs. She motivates me to be able to process my thoughts and feelings in an honest way. You could say that she is my mentor.

I have always favoured English Language and Literature when I was at school as I enjoyed writing stories and later on poetry, now I use my skills in writing about my journey of healing.

When I was younger, I never used my voice, it was almost as if it was trapped inside of me. 

In any conversation I would not voluntarily talk unless spoken directly to.

I had no confidence, low self-esteem and viewed the world in a blasé way. 

I was alert and suspicious of other people. I kept everyone outside my family, at arm’s length.

I am still wary of other people but have decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The first time I had heard the phrase ‘Real Talk’  was back in 2014 when I was working with the young offenders, an intellectual young guy called Mark would chat with me on my night shift and we would put the world to rights.

I have always been supportive of encouraging  young people to have their own voice as they are the future generation. They are constantly fighting to be heard but the seniors tend to think they have nothing to say.

It is amazing how creative and artistic the youths are as they express themselves through music, art, and dance. I admire them and believe that the older generation need to listen to what they have to say.

In the earlier decades young people were completely ignored hence why nobody recognised when they were in crisis. The older generation, back then, thought that they had all the wisdom.


Real Talk are the deepest words that speak from our heart, mind, and soul. They are the words that resonate with the individual person that expresses it.

It is never too late for any one of us to have a voice for what we believe in, to share, express and encourage others to do the same as long as we do this honestly and respectfully.

I would invite each one of you to think on what I have written and find within yourself something that you would like to say that you believe can change the life of others.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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  • Haydn
    April 18, 2022

    I bought the book and I found it really amazing and encouraging. Your a brave girl.

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