This reminds me of the balance of time.

Thinking back on the mistakes that I have made in life, it is down to bad timing.

I may not be blessed with the spirit of patience, but I am an excellent timekeeper.

Everyone needs their own time and space to do whatever it is they need to without any interference.

My idea of relaxation is playing a game of Trivial Pursuit on my tablet, even whilst I am watching Netflix or just reading a book.

My mind has to be occupied as I feel guilty about wasting time.

There are times when I lack motivation and if I don’t find my way back, it is all downhill from there.

I suffer from OCD and live in a clean, comfortable, organised flat. I have a variety of interests and things to keep me occupied.

If I say that I am bored, friends say how can you find the time in your Starship Enterprise. (I am a lover of artificial intelligence and I have a lot of electronic smart gadgets.)

However, when I am feeling low, I seem to feel a lack of interest in everything and stay spend my time under my covers.

I feel like I want those 24 hours to go by fast, that is when time goes too slowly.

The only thing I do daily is have a cup of tea and bathe, then I would be straight back under my covers.

Silence, to me, is golden. I have never been a fan of any kind of unnecessary noise or mess. I like a quiet simple life.

When I am functioning normally, I find that there are not enough hours in a day to carry out everything, especially when mania kicks in.

Artificial intelligence is a life saver, not because I am lazy, but because it saves me time from the mundane tasks.

I am a strong believer in spending time wisely.

Spending your spare time doing things that you choose to do.

The journey of Life is a hard road, so it is important for you to look after yourselves first.

I have since learned that the times you spend in your own company are precious. I am not scared to be with myself.

Time has flown by since the pandemic and I feel that I have accomplished more in the lockdown than in real time. I have furthered my education and also own a website.

I am also now a published author.

This has become possible as I have had my beautiful friend Alina, who has been encouraging me to use my skills.

We are in a world where most of us live our lives controlled by time, especially if we are responsible adults.

I have wasted so many of my years with no purpose and in situations that were unhealthy. I am glad in a way that I experience such things, as I would not be able to share this with you today.

The only downfall with time is that we don’t always get to enjoy much of it when we are functioning on autopilot.

Part of mindfulness is about living in the moment.

I find that I forget a lot of the good things that are happening right now and tend to reminisce on the past bad.

I must admit, everything I achieved last year is from my own hard work, although noted, I do not congratulate myself, I am just thinking about my next project.

I am the type of person to move on quickly to the next task and spend less time on the past achievements.

This is a very unhealthy way of thinking and makes me feel ungrateful for the opportunity of being able to reach that goal.

We must sit down and embrace what we have achieved, not just every year but as and when.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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