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There is nothing worse than living with a guilty conscious for something that you have said or done when it is too late to apologise or be forgiven because that person you hurt is no longer in your life.

People do not have a conscience, can use and abuse someone without even being aware that what they are doing is wrong. They are just used to being that way.

I remember my Mother always said to me ‘don’t let the sun go down on your wrath,’ which means do not go to bed without saying sorry to a someone you hurt as you may never get the chance.

It is pride and ego that stops people from apologising, when they are in the wrong, they think that by being stubborn, it makes them look strong.

It takes a real man or a strong person to apologise when they are in the wrong. A weak person loses their power by holding a grudge as it slowly destroys them.

Those who carry guilt around will eventually self-destruct, they will no longer be able to cope with their tormented mind, they will have to learn to forgive themselves if the person they wronged is no longer around.

I notice that there is no love where money is concerned. Hence the saying ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ when somebody dies, there are those who are looking to see how much they have profited or to see if somebody gained more money than they did. The person who has passed has easily been forgotten as money becomes their God. I hear about this happening amongst families.

Personally, I would rather have my loved one back on this earth, than even be thinking about how much they may have left me.

Where money is concerned there is no guilty conscience, and this can lead to a serious criminal act where somebody is being ‘financially abused’ or ‘emotionally black-mailed.’

Speaking from experience I rarely will loan money to anyone. On this occasion someone I was acquainted with, who was down on their luck and in distress had asked me for a sum of money and had made a promise to pay me back in a fortnight. I felt sad for this person, so I wired the cash over to them.

A fortnight later they kept their promise and paid back the sum of money However within the next couple of days they rang me with the same story for the same amount of money and reminded me of the fact that they did pay me back the last time, I politely refused. I later learned that this person was a gambler.

I am glad I stood my ground because this would have been an ongoing thing, I nipped it in the bud before it became a habit. Now I stick to my golden rule.

‘Never a lender or borrower be’ is a saying that I live by. Beware excessive borrowers do not always pay you back, and they will always continue borrowing.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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