A sense of belonging is not about being liked by everyone else it is about the acceptance of self rather than what everyone wants you to be.

You are a unique individual with your own values, your strengths and weaknesses do not try to be a carbon copy of anyone else just to fit in.

I have never been a ‘sheep’ of society I have always had my own way of doing things. I have lived differently to most of my friends, and I dressed in a way that I felt comfortable and was never a celebrity groupie.

Many people who have known me in the past would comment that I was always immaculately clean and dressed and not a hair out of place. 

I have always been very conscious about my hygiene and appearance. Personally, you must respect yourself and others around you.

When I was a smoker, I was mindful of others around me but did not realise how bad my clothes must have smelt until I gave up. I mean cigarette smoking is far from the worst smells I come across.

“I always wanted to feel the sense of ‘belonging’ a part of a circle of friends. But if it meant losing my values and standards, I would rather remain an outsider.”

I have always been classed as militant because of the way I viewed the world around me. People may think that I was rigid in my views in the early days of adulthood, but it took a long time for me to start thinking freely.

I also learned to accept that people are different they have their own habits and live life in their own way. I found that if I limited my time around their habits, I would not have time to feel offended.

“I have loads of different circles of friends, and a few close friends.” 

Meeting new people from diverse levels of society is my passion. I am not the type of person to have gatherings in my flat because of my OCD phobias. 

The point I am making is that when you are outside, you can escape from long drawn-out conversations and when I get tired or overwhelmed, I can make my apologies and escape to my own home.

In the early days I used to have visitors, but I find that people do not respect your home and tend to outstay their welcome also ‘familiarity breeds contempt’

“No one is going to respect your home like you do.”

My sense of belonging comes from what I am fighting for. I am dedicated to The Scripture of Balance and all the challenging work that I have put into the cause. 

I am not just a statistic I am one of the warriors who fight for their sanity every day.

I embrace the people who believe in justice and freedom for all. 

I belong to the one true God the creator of the universe. 

I do not class myself as religious or belonging to a religious cult I have faith in God and try my best to live a spiritual and pure life.

I am my own person. I have upset many people recently because they have been trying to control my way of life and thinking. I have pointed out that I am not living for them I am living for my own peace of mind and contentment.

My relationship with God is between me and God. Mind your own business and keep your opinions to yourself.

Concentrate on your own spirituality. I am not living by somebody else’s rules.

It is a sense of belonging that we all are reaching out for in this life but some of us will never have it because we refuse to break down the barriers of trust.

Trust is something earned and once broken can never be renewed.

It is not a terrible thing to be cautious but sometimes it can take over our lives and we may also miss things that could have added to our happiness.

I do not believe I will ever ‘belong’ anywhere but where I am with myself.

I know who I am.

Happiness is a state of emotion. I am content with the way I chose to live as what I never had I will never miss.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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