In life you will always get those kinds of people who think they ‘know it all’ They come across as very annoying and can become extremely aggressive and ignorant because you disagree with them. They hate to be ignored and continuously repeat themselves to get their point across.

These people will find themselves with less friends as they are arrogant and lack wisdom.

 It also reminds me of some of the older generation, they do not like change, so they never adapt and remain stuck in their old ways and are also left behind.

As the generations go by, we should also be moving with the times. By no means am I saying that we lose our morals and values to fit in with societies norm.

Technology is rapidly changing, and I personally love to learn more about the new gadgets on offer. There are so many ways that you can improve on your life.

Let us face it there are always going to be changes in life that we will affect us all.

We must all be ready to be tolerant in our forever changing world as we will find that we have no choice.

Over the past few years there have been major changes that have affected many people practicing religion and in some cultures. They feel the changes go against everything they believe in.


I have never been keen on application forms as I feel as if I am being interrogated about my sexual orientation, ethnicity and now I am being asked how I would like to be addressed. 

When I am drafting an email, I now must add (she, her) after my name, as this is now mandatory. I have no choice in the matter and must accept this.

Things got ridiculous when they changed the nursery rhymes because it was deemed as racist to call anything black. 

Now we have a ‘white board’ or a ‘chalk board’ and no longer a ‘blackboard. I am not sure who ever thought of this, after all black is a colour.

I have nothing against the LGBTQA as a significant percentage of my friends are from this group and I seem to get on better with them. As adults living in a liberated country, we should be free to live our lives in a way which makes us happy but first do no harm.

I believe that where younger children are concerned, we should give them the space and time to think for themselves and just let them be the child they are without putting ideas in their young heads.

 Even if your heterosexual, I believe that sex education should be the last thing they need to tutor younger children about until they reach an age of awareness and maturity.

Children should be playing and enjoying their childhood without being exposed to the idea of having sexual relationships all they need to be made aware of is any inappropriate behaviour adults and other children may push on them.

I understand that not all children are brought up in a secure, loving home and have already been exposed to the horrors of adulthood at an early age. Sadly, this is unavoidable for some of them. 

“I believe our very young children should be left in ignorance as they are not developed and mature enough to understand.”

My cousins are boys and I always wanted to fit in with them. I found that boys had more interesting games than girls. I liked exploring derelict houses, climbing trees, and playing football I disliked dresses and skirts and would always make a point of wearing trousers and shorts.

I lived my teens and twenties around mainly boys as I found girls irritating and boring as all their subjects were around sex and boys.

After hearing all the trauma stories from these poor girls, I do see the reason marriage before sex, has more positives especially if you marry for the right reasons.

It would mean that as a woman you would feel more respected and appreciated as you both would try and work together on the real importance of the relationship and you have a goal.

 I was never into relationships or any kind of intimacy. I dated when I was nineteen, only because I wanted to be in the in crowd and seen ads normal.

After a year I decided to relationship at 20 when I thought that I was in love. It was infatuation and the earth never moved and I have never felt satisfied or content.

Looking back, I realise that I just wanted to feel loved and have the companionship, it lasted 12 years and we stayed platonic for a further ten.

 I am happy that I am much wiser and no longer need to depend on another person for those reasons as I have found them within myself. I feel more content with life.

with the way I am living today.

My friends used to say that ‘I am weird, and that maybe I need help.’

I have always acknowledged how attractive a male or female person is, but it never meant that I was after them.

I never questioned whether I was meant to be a boy or a girl. I accepted that I was of the female species and just lived the way I chose to live. I always respected myself, even more today than back then.

I am not one to judge what anyone else chooses to do if it does not affect me.

Whether we like it or not there will always be changes in this world that we are not happy about, but we should spend more concentrating on our own lives and let everyone else be.

Acceptance & Tolerance is something we must practice even if we do not agree.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance.

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