Loneliness is linked to a sense of emptiness, rejection, and the persistent fear of enduring chronic solitude.


You can be alone without feeling lonely.

Living in isolation is not in our nature, yet I love the beauty of alone time.

It protects my emotional and physical well-being from vulnerability and intimacy, yet I know that it is unhealthy, and I sometimes feel that I need a little human connection.

Reaching a stage where you find solace in solitude and, perhaps, even happiness in being alone is a transformative state. Once you have embraced and become at ease with it, it can be a profoundly grounding and fulfilling experience.

I refuse to permit anyone to hinder my authenticity, openness, and confidence in engaging with the individuals I surround myself with.

Despite being perceived as a social butterfly with a wide circle of friends, one can still experience feelings of loneliness.

The depth and quality of your social connections matter more than the quantity.

Loneliness is a personal experience; only you can honestly know when you feel it. It is not something that can be determined by anyone else but yourself.

These days, I seldom experience the pangs of loneliness as I constantly engage myself in various activities. I find solace in my own company, preferring solitude over the company of individuals who disrupt my inner tranquillity.

During the pandemic, I discovered that I could go a long time without engaging in face-to-face interactions with anyone, bearing in mind we were on lockdown for eighteen months.

The solitary moments in my life are usually cherished, but there is one exception — when I am struck by severe illness.

Even then, I only want a caring person with gentle encouragement to help me through.

For more than three decades, I have relished the independence of living independently, leaving no room for the thought of accommodating someone else under my roof.

I cherish the solace of my sanctuary and relish the autonomy to live without any imposition.

I take full responsibility for tidying up after myself, and I revel in the ability to act according to my desires.

If I am compelled to engage with others, I can only endure a few hours daily before restlessness and irritability consume me.

There exists no one who comprehends me more profoundly than myself.

I find great joy in taking the time to contemplate the events of my day and ponder on ways to enhance my current situation.

I am content and filled with happiness if I possess all the fundamental necessities to sustain my existence.

I’ve been putting off seeking therapy to improve my friendships and relationships, and I’ve developed a tendency to evade it no matter what.

I find solace in maintaining a comfortable distance from others, cherishing the ability to observe and support them from afar.

While I don’t oppose relationships, I prefer not to invest my time in something that doesn’t bring any positive value to my life.

Numerous individuals often express dissatisfaction with their companions, making me wonder why they spend their precious lives with such individuals.

In a world teeming with over 8 billion individuals, why exhaust yourself fretting over the concerns of self-centred people?

Through my observations, I have realised that individuals can engage in peculiar and outlandish actions to pursue attention and fulfil their desires, even at the cost of their well-being.

Although I acknowledge that isolating myself is not beneficial for my well-being, I find it much easier to seek companionship by venturing out and meeting friends.

However, I am reluctant to invite people into my comfort zone, as their stay often exceeds the norm, leaving me feeling confined and trapped.

I understand that my preferences may make me appear gloomy, but this is what brings me contentment.

I would find myself anxious and very unhappy if my personal space and privacy were constantly invaded.

Each person has unique preferences; some enjoy a bustling home with constant visitors, while others prefer the company of their family or significant other.

As for me, I find solace in solitude and cherish the moments spent alone and the freedom to be me.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau

Scripture of Balance

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