When you become famous or wealthy there may be a sudden influx of people who would class you as ‘their best friend’ The truth is that you probably haven’t heard of 75% of them.

Personally, if I had six figures in my bank account no on but the bank would know. I would not choose to advertise my life and live extravagantly. I would just improve my current circumstances.

Some people become rich by responsibly managing their finances the savers remain mindful of how they spend their money as they worked extremely hard to obtain it.

The privileged people who have never done a stroke of work in their lives, mostly born or married into money would live a financially stress-free life.

The question I ask. Is being rich the key to happiness?

I have spoken to a number of people from different classes in society and found that the people that were financially well-off had said ‘ No money does not make you happy, but is one less problem to think about’

I am happy with that answer because if you have to rely on materialistic things for happiness then you will never discover the meaning of true happiness.

If you are searching for happiness in another human being, you will find that it will be short-lived.

Happiness is not like a fairy-tale you are never going to meet that perfect person and live happily ever after.

Happiness is also a state of emotions and doesn’t always last long.

In order to have that ‘perfect fairy-tale’ that we read as children; you have to work extremely hard to balance out the personalities of two unique individuals.

In order for this to maybe work I would be thinking the persons would be incredibly young, ideally a fresh relationship with no previous….

I know a couple of people who have been married from when they left high school and had children and regardless of any kind of betrayal or deceit, have remained together.

This brings to mind a saying ‘better the devil you know’

Other people get burned so many times that they decide not to ever enter into another serious relationship. It’s not always because they are bitter. It is because they are doing what they feel is right for their wellbeing.

I cannot tell you that I have experienced any prolonged happiness in this life, I would be lying.

Money is important in order for you to survive and if you are fortunate you can afford to treat yourself now and again without using the credit card.

I must admit that these days I feel more content with the way my life has been heading in the past two years. I have accomplished more than I have in my early life.

It was nothing to do with becoming rich.

The secret was showing gratitude to God for my health, strength, and provisions and to remember what I never had I will never miss.

Trying to manage the balance of my mental health which is extremely difficult at times.

Live according to what I feel my purpose in life is, encouraging and supporting people. Embrace it.

Take care of my wellbeing by staying away from anything that doesn’t serve me well.

Avoid borrowing or lending money as it is a trigger factor for my health. (Zero credit cards or loans)

The one thing I need to learn is how to switch off at the end of the day.

Anything that causes me stress I will get rid of.

The key to true happiness is in your hands and is not found in things and people.

It is great to have the big house, expensive cars and maybe a holiday home and a yacht.

It is also refreshing to have that special person in your life, but if you are not happy with yourself, what will happen when all is lost, and you find yourself alone?

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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