Welcome to the world of pain. We have many types on offer.

Internal & external pain, a temporary fix with medication!

Underlying problem unsolved!

Let’s throw in a mixture of therapy!

This is going to be part of everyone’s journey, it is the reality of being human, we all have feelings, and it is healthy to release them.

Avoiding dealing with our problems can cause us a brain overload which can lead to the destruction of our minds.

I know that if I am not mindful of my negative thoughts, I will not only feel the mental pain, but the extent of my physical pain multiplies.

Admittedly, I am one of those people who walks around with an energy field of defence around me. I feel I wear my

coat of armour every day to protect myself from unhealthy emotions or toxic situations.

I find that people can be very selfish and are only at their happiest when they can control or manipulate others

regardless of the mental and emotional pain, they put them through.

If you haven’t woken up to the toxic behaviour of the narcissist, although deep down you are aware of the painful realisation that your feelings are never going to be their priority.

Personally, I would never be cruel enough to lead somebody ‘up the garden path’ I am honest enough to let them know where we stand from day one. This saves a lot of hurt and misunderstanding.

We live in a world full of pain already, so why do we have to add more pain to our lives by being around people who do not really care about us? They only care about what they benefit from us.

I have heard people talk about emotional maturity, as I understand it, I assume it means waking up to the reality of how people really can be and finding ways to protect yourself from getting too deeply involved in a negative situation to save you from pain.

People can only take advantage of you as much as you let them. They will use emotional blackmail to make you feel guilty. You need to wake up and see that they are just using you.

The realisation is painful and the option of refusing them can be equally upsetting when they turn against you especially if they matter. However, if you had not surrendered to them in the first place you would not be in that situation.

Like they say, “you live, and you learn” (hopefully)



Stressful situations like being in an unhappy marriage, working in a job you hate, financial difficulties and just feeling the brunt of a mundane life can cause all sorts of problems to your physical body.

I have my fair share of physical pain on a daily basis with the permanent injuries that I have incurred through my intense fitness regimes I had done in the past. When I get annoyed about something I tend to feel the pain worsen.

A year ago, I found it hard to forgive a person for making someone I love unhappy. The anger I had towards them was unhealthy because I could feel it penetrating my soul, destroying, and suffocating me. I had to forgive them from the heart, as it was the only way I could take back my power.

I have had a lot of internal healing to do on the inside to help me manage the pain on the outside better.

I am still practicing internal healing and it is not that easy, but I have come this far and willing to accept that I cannot turn back the hands of time. I just have to adjust myself.

In everything there must be a balance, I believe that we can prevent a lot of hurt if we are honest in the first place.

We can also help ourselves by looking for the signs of a person’s behavioural pattern and not giving in to their spoilt self.

Natalie Bleau


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