11/02-1946 – 17/02/2017

This month poses a great challenge for both my family and me, as it marks the painful departure of my Beloved Father and also commemorates his birthday.

The presence of my Father, a truly remarkable being, brought immense enrichment to my existence. However, when fate snatched him away, it created a profound disruption within my universe.

Seven long years have slipped away, yet the pain lingers on. He occupied a significant space in my existence, etching himself deeply into my memories, never to be erased. His presence was a cornerstone, and I shall forever hold him close within my heart.

His kindness knew no limits, surpassing all expectations. I never once allowed myself to overlook or undervalue his immense worth.

Each February, a wave of concern washes over me for my dear Mum and family, burdened by the weight of sorrow and the ache of loss. However, I have discovered my own unique path towards navigating through the depths of grief.

Above all, I must constantly remind myself that empathy should be directed towards others, while sympathy should be reserved for my own experiences.

Although it may be tempting to succumb to weariness and surrender to a life of idleness, indulging in self-pity serves no meaningful purpose.

In honouring my Father’s memory, I am compelled to seize the opportunities presented to me and make the most of the resources at my disposal.

Throughout the years, I have faced countless challenges, yet in the last five years, I have discovered solace by pouring my pain into the pages of my journal.

Following the passing of my Father, I found myself attentively reflecting upon every word he had shared with me during his last years, embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery.

My journey has been a tumultuous one, as I painstakingly unravel my innermost emotions and thoughts, dissecting them with utmost care.

My aspiration is to evolve into an enhanced rendition of the person I am at this very moment, striving to become the best version of myself.

The vulnerability of fearing oneself has always been my weakness and compiling a list of my imperfections felt like peering into a shattered mirror.

However, a profound realisation dawned upon me when I comprehended the significance of equilibrium in every subject of my existence.

Therefore, the Scripture of Balance was born, a platform that serves as my authentic blog, aiming to uplift individuals during challenging moments and granting them the opportunity to cultivate independent thought.

In the realm of self-discovery and profound contemplation, I have traversed a path illuminated by the wisdom bestowed upon me by my cherished Father.

On this day, I joyfully commemorate the life of my Beloved Father, embracing positivity and expressing gratitude to the divine for granting me the privilege of having had an extraordinary Father, a cherished companion, a trusted confidant, and a true gentleman.

In the forthcoming week, I shall pay homage to the legacy of my Beloved Father, ensuring that his memory thrives through the recollection of our cherished moments together.


In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

Scripture of Balance

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