As a child most of our beliefs come from our carers, they play the role of parenting us in order to protect us from the dangers of society.

My parents were very protective of us as children because of the experiences they had outside.

The problems of being a minority is that you have to work twice or even three times as hard to become accepted, and even then, you still may not be acknowledged.

I remember the morals, ethics, and values that I was taught, and I still have not left behind the great standards that we were brought up to have.

We were never taught to hate people that were different to us, whether it be their colour, disability, or their ethnicity. But unfortunately, some children who were of the majority would follow in their parents’ ignorant footsteps and become haters of anything that they felt they were superior to.

The weird thing is as a child, even though to adults it was blatantly obvious, we did not see colour as a problem we accepted that we were all just children. It was a beautiful thing to live in a diverse society.

This is not in anyway going to be about racism as I have covered that already in another blog. This is about belief systems.

If you were taught that the colour red is white you would of course believe it.

We are all guilty of generalizing and being stereotypical and the media is by far the worst place for this kind of information.

A murder happens in an area so the whole area is not a good place to live in, even if the perpetrator came from another area.

The attitude of a person should not reflect on everyone who is the same age, race, or sex.

In some cases, people have said that council tenants are worse neighbours to ever live next to, but where is the evidence that all of them are.

Personally, I believe that the belief systems we keep are making us all lose a sense of freedom to live happily. Instead, we are imprisoning ourselves with our negative thoughts.

I have since learnt that people make things up to suit their purpose and will make necessary adjustments if needed.

Although there is nothing wrong with having what they call a religious faith, it is the way in which people who translate the ‘holy scriptures’ to gain finances and full control of people. They even go as far as making them feel guilty and condemning them for lack of attendance. ALL OF THE WRONG REASONS!!

In my own opinion there is only one judge that I am accountable to, and it certainly is not the man of the cloth.

This is where I am going to turn everything on its head.

I am not giving any advise as to what people choose to believe in as that is their own free will.

Old beliefs were that women are second class citizens and that they had to answer to men. It is still happening in other cultures and countries today.

My answer is over my dead body!

It would be wonderful and ideal for a married woman with children to have a responsible, hardworking husband if he treated her with respect, had good values and was kind, faithful and loyal.

This really does not fit in with the male species of today as the excuse us that women started fighting for liberation.

Have they ever wondered why?

The answer is because the wonderful idealism of a husband as described in my previous paragraph did not apply to every single  man.

I never actually bought into this as times have changed and I am not really the type of person who wants to be controlled.

I like to be able to think for myself. I like to be the judge and the jury of myself. Spiritually I am only accountable to God.

If I do anything criminally wrong, I will have to answer to the justice system.

As I got older, I realised that I am an individual and I have my own beliefs and through the experience of the last couple of years talking to my Beloved Father this has only confirmed to me what I need to concentrate on.

To achieve happiness, I have to change my belief system and work on myself. Happiness is not found in relationships, money, or other people.

There are techniques that you can use if you want to reset your belief system.

Please remember that my technique will not always be the solution, it is just a guideline to make you aware of what you may need to do to achieve this goal.

Belief is a thought that you have made real to yourself. If you can create beliefs, you can also change their patterns and how they limit you to live.

I had to write down some of the negative beliefs that I thought was keeping me back from my personal development and growth.

In life you will find those who will put you down, they will try to destroy every bit of confidence and self-esteem you have. They will humiliate you and intimidate you.

Example: You couldn’t cope with that, you’re not smart enough.

Question: Is this a fact? What makes this person think they know enough about your drive and abilities? Are you going to sit there and agree with this so-called friend?

Think about this.

This is someone else telling you that you don’t have what it takes to progress in life? Are you going to give up or give in?

You have to realise that some people don’t want you to succeed and leave them behind. They will do or say anything negative to put you down and keep you where they are.

You have to break free from the shackles of the control or influence they once had of you in order to move forward in life.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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