Emotional blackmail is a way of someone having control over another human being  In my opinion it is one of the lowest forms of human behaviour. 

This twisted evil can come in many forms whether subtle or downright obvious. The perpetrator has some hold over the victim, whether it be a secret that they threaten to reveal or the emotional blackmail of losing their ‘so called’ love.’ They want to keep hold of the power that they have over you.

I sometimes wonder why we keep such people in our lives when they clearly do not love you or are interested in you as a person.

The kind of person I am today, with my mindset,’ no-one would have a hope in hell of playing me like that ever again, they are not contributing to my life they are just deducting my respect for them.

We are all individuals, and we must be responsible for what we allow another person to get away with. There are boundaries that you just don’t cross. 

Giving in to blackmail shows your level of weakness and how wicked and evil the other person is. If you cannot see this, (a person stuck on that rollercoaster does) you are a glutton for punishment, when that person is finished with you, they have won.

I have seen relationships where someone says, ‘ that if you don’t do what I want I am going to kill myself,” this is another situation that a person can be sucked into, as that person will always use that line to keep you in line.

If the blackmailer has mastered this, they will use you as their backup plan for whenever they feel they need to remind you that they are the master, and you are their puppet.

These people are toxic, they will be playing on your emotions just to benefit themselves, especially if they have already benefitted from you before, you are just being played.

If a person emotionally blackmails me, as I have rejected their demands, note well, I don’t have any emotions for that kind of behaviour I am way above all that!

They will try me for the first  and last time as I have no interest in being used.

They say you can either feed a bad habit or starve it.

Personally, I have let my emotions rule my head from when I was a youngster earning their first wage and I realised that people were playing me. Money cannot buy love in any situation. My Father always told me this, but I never listened, I thought that I could just buy acceptance and love in the moment. Trust me it does not work; it only leaves you out of pocket and feeling like a first-class idiot.

The people who really love you will not try to control you, they will not use you, they will not try to play on your conscience to dominate you or your decisions. 

I am so glad I woke up to people who have taken advantage of my weakness. They knew I felt isolated in this world, and yet took advantage of the situation.

I am, who I am today, love me or hate me. I have learnt that people like that, are only interested in you when it benefits them. 

My advice would be to stay away from people like this, at all costs, no matter what part they claim to of played in your life.


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    September 27, 2021

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