Nature-the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.

As a child nature was our playground, we didn’t have all the technology that we have now, we were more creative and used our imagination to the fullest.

Nature was an escape it nurtured us with its healing powers. 

This is still the case for me now, if I am feeling sad or trying to fight my demons I would go for a walk to a place with grass and trees. I feel more grounded and connected to the earth.

The four elements being fire, water, air, and earth and are the elements associated with the following:-

Fire– independence, creativity, and exploration. 

Water– emotions, intimacy and dreaming.

Air– thought, communication, and social connection.

Earth– practicality and productivity.

I find that spending time outdoors in nature is a positive impact on my health. I love the colour green, and it makes me feel hopeful.

If you cannot go into nature, you can bring it into your home. You can have a feature of nature on your computer.

You can buy some house plants or grow them from seeds that is very nurturing.

I bought two ‘nature’ wall hanging tapestries….

They cover a whole wall, so I hung one in my bedroom opposite my bed. When I wake up this is the first thing, I would look at to energise me.

I find exercise is another contribution to physical and mental well-being.

I found that just running on the streets began to feel like a mundane way for me to exercise so I started training at the gym or the park with my boxing coach. I think that doing a variety of exercises are more motivating for me,

The human body is capable of self-repair and regeneration if you have a cut or scrape.

 Aloe vera is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. This is part of why it may help heal wounds and treat skin problems


A few years ago, I started working with plants at a gardening project and I didn’t realise how much spiritual healing I would receive.

I was encouraged, relaxed and it gave me confidence. I had a habit of underestimating myself. The feeling of the soil slipping through my fingers

gave me a powerful feeling associated with earth and its natural elements.

The other best feeling I had was when I went to my late Father’s home in Dominica (known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean), he would take me to a place called ‘Scotts Head’ this is one of the beautiful parts of the island where you can stand between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

I remember when I was discharged from the Mental Health hospital back in 2011 my mother sent me to the Caribbean to be with my Father and he took me to Scotts Head where I stood staring into the Atlantic Ocean.

I really did  put my foot in the Ocean whilst I was holding on to  a rock. The current is extremely rough and if you actually stood in it, you would be taken under.

The fascination with the Atlantic Ocean was how I used my  visualisation techniques. I imagined  throwing my problems one by one into the water for the waves to swallow them up.

Although in reality your problems have not disappeared but at least, in that moment, you have time to reflect on the positive environment that you are in. I felt grounded and one with nature.

The other powerful feeling I had was when we were on lockdown during the ‘pandemic’ there came a time when vehicles were only used in emergencies, people were only allowed outside their houses for exercise or shopping purposes,

This experience made a lot of people feel under lock and key and lacking freedom.

The beauty of nature was appreciated more and the lack of the pollution and day to day abuse of rubbish left on the streets was a mercy for the environment, animals, sea, and plants.

People are the destroyers of nature whether directly or indirectly. I am as guilty as the next person for not actively recycling waste products. I love my home to be a sterile place, but I am still using non-eco-friendly detergents.

Fire is another way of visualising the problems in your mind disappearing. My sister taught me how to do an Intention Setting Ritual which is done with the certain cycles of the moon.

There is a burning ritual for those things that no longer serve you at a full moon and burying intentions as in planting seeds for growth at a New Moon.

The first time I did the burning ritual I forgot that it was parchment and rather than tear it up and put it on the fire, I lit it with the intention of it burning slowly nearly setting my arm on fire.

My sister found this hilarious and still speaks of it to this day.

Here is an example I picked up from Neways Center.

  • I intend to lead by example.
  • I intend to love unconditionally.
  • I intend to stop taking things personally.
  • I intend to manifest happiness naturally.
  • I intend to see the goodness around me.
  • I intend to be kind even when under pressure.

When I feel negative energy around my home, I  burn some sage or Palo Santo  into every corner of each room.

People can also use meditation to clear their minds of negative thoughts or use natural resources like sage or crystals.

Some people use Feng Shui, they rearrange the furniture in their rooms to create a balance.

We have all the natural resources right in front of us, but we choose to use the ‘ready-made’ products which have toxic consequences on the environment and our bodies.

In everything there must be a balance

Natalie Bleau, The Scripture of Balance

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