Do you find yourself wanting to be in control of every situation?

I have spent my whole life feeling anxious about things that were not even happening. 

The mind is a powerful force, when used negatively, can cause you a lot of hurt and pain.

When my mind decides to wander through the spirit of negativity, It would always start with something as small as an ant and eventually grow into an elephant.

When my late Father was living in the Caribbean, I would endlessly contact him to see if he was okay. If he were out in town, I would worry about him getting into accidents on the road, as I was aware some of the locals have a reckless way of driving. I would ask him to contact me when he has arrived safely home.

When I am out with my mother and we go our separate ways, she has to contact me, so I know that she has arrived home safely. 

I realise that this kind of thinking is very unhealthy, it doesn’t only put a stress on myself, but a pressure on the other person. I know I have no control over anything that can happen, but still feel the need to protect them.

One of my greatest problems is that I have been living the majority of my life as a pessimist. I believe I have my reasons for thinking that things will go wrong, even more now that I lost my beloved Father which I thought was impossible.

The only thing that I would say is, that I have improved a little, with my unhealthy behaviour, but I am mindful that I have an exceedingly long way to go.

When I was an infant, I believed that good people lived forever, as I reached my early teens, I thought that people only die when they are unfit or old.

Looking back for me to think that if you lived a healthy lifestyle, you would never get illnesses like cancer. It only proves to me how stupid I once was. I never intended on writing about death, this seems to be the biggest fear in life. 

My fear is having to depend on others to look after me if ever I got into an accident which made me unable to do anything for myself. I am not afraid of my own demise only that I do not want to go through any unnecessary suffering. For me, just go to sleep.

We cannot always be in control of every aspect of our own life, let alone somebody else’s. 

For those of us who care enough, we spend our lives worrying about everyone we love. 

We worry about what the future holds, instead of living in the NOW and accepting life on life’s terms.

Easier said than done….

We must focus on the present!

Enjoy every moment we have with our loved ones!

Pray and leave it in God’s hands! Worrying is not going to change a thing.

TRY TO STAY POSITIVE AND IN CONTROL OF THOSE NATS! (negative automated thoughts)



In everything there must be a balance, worry is only killing your brain.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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