This is an introduction to the name of my book which will be released early next year. 

The book is a collection of my blogs of my journey to making sense of the world around me.

Welcome to the Scripture of Balance.

We all can talk, but do we have the skills of listening?

It took me over ten years for me to find my own voice, as I used to be a reserved person, who only spoke when a question was directed at me. The answer would always be concise. 

I’m being honest, when it comes to normal everyday conversations, I like it to be kept short and straight to the point. I lose interest easily when someone goes into detail about everything, and my mind switches off.

For those of you who have been following me on my journey to sanity, I have mentioned before, that I have an extremely low concentration span and I tend to get irritated and bored quite easily. 

Work meetings and courses are okay when they are strictly moderated.

The importance of listening to someone in need, without interruption, is the most important skill. It is a selfless act and a special art.

If a person is having a crisis, they have my undivided attention regardless to how long they need to talk for. 

It was hard for me to be able to think of a title for my book, without the help of my family I would be in a state of panic. 

I have my Aunt, Mother and Sister to thank for my book title and designed cover. They all encouraged me to continue my project, which I have been doing for a year. 

The project is in honour of my Beloved Father Cecil Clarence Bleau (11/02/1946–17/02/2017) who always had faith in my abilities and encouraged me to be the best that I can be. An amazing gentleman, Father, Husband, Brother, Son to all his family. My Dad, my best friend, my Hero, and my World. I will never let him go, he will live on through my work and always be in my heart.

Natalie Bleau


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  • Haydn
    April 18, 2022

    I’ve got this book and my parents are reading it.

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