Have you ever heard that common saying amongst the older generation, ‘those were the good days? They probably were happier times for some.

There will be good times and bad throughout our lives, and we will manage to get through them.

 We have memories but should continue to try to live in the now.

Some people are averse to change. They are happy to be stuck in medieval times. They’re the ones on this earth who make a bad judgement call causing chaos for the next generations.
Sometimes, when going through a bad time, we fool ourselves into recreating our past and comparing it with our present situation.

If we live in the past, we miss out on what we can have right now. 
 You must be strong, stand up, and uphold your values and principles. The weakest of us are most likely to give in to the pressures of society’s norms.

The important thing is that you must choose the type of circles you are mixing in. 

As a child, you accepted almost everyone as your friend, but as you get older, you, hopefully, grow wiser and can filter out the people who do not contribute to your growth. 

People can keep you behind if you allow them to.

I admit that my spiritual and emotional growth stagnated because I spent most of my life hanging on to the negative events from my past. 
I cannot blame anyone but myself because I permitted my unhealthy mind to keep me emotionally and spiritually trapped in the past.

I did not have the tools back then to manage my sick way of thinking. 

My Father used to say, ‘forget about that. It’s past’ he was a realist; at the same time, he was very empathetic as he knew I was struggling to accept the things I could not change. 

The traumatic past can shape your future if you allow it to. 

But if you have always felt alone within yourself, life has not been kind to you from the start, did not have the love and support that you needed, it is understandable that you end up stuck.

 The only time I look through the windows of my past is to tell my childlike self that everything will be okay. I try not to dwell on the negatives.
It would be best to be open-minded to heal from the trauma that has left a mark on your life. I found that using visualisation techniques helped.

When you repress the pain of the past, you subconsciously bring it into the relationships you make with others in life.

Another old saying was, ‘we just got on with it’ that is why it was passed down to all the future generations because you failed to deal with it. 

You may think ‘getting on with it’ makes you strong, but it is more cowardly not to address it. You run the risk of damaging anything that could have been healthy.

I decided never to have children for many reasons. I felt it would be selfish to create another me. I believe I did the right thing, as it has only been a few years that I have managed to acknowledge and fight my demons.

My childlike self will never be 100% healed, I will still experience the night terrors and the feelings of no self-worth, but I will have to learn to manage it.

There will always be those who think they have the solution to every problem, but I have learnt that you must look within yourself most of the time.

Running away from or repressing problems is a way to destroy yourself and the future that could have been. We must know by now that things will only change for the better if we do things differently.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau
The Scripture of Balance.

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