I won’t mention having a New Year’s resolution to you, for I am diligently working on my vision board.

By the end of the year 2023, I can say I have successfully managed to reach the goals I set out to achieve.

To me, the term “resolution” signifies a relentless commitment towards either undertaking or abstaining from a particular action.

I prefer expressing my intention to strive for completion rather than making unattainable promises.

Countless resolutions are shattered within the initial months, merely to be resurrected again in the following year.

Two of the most prevalent choices individuals make are improving their well-being by hitting the gym regularly or adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Striving for greater accomplishments in life is truly commendable.

What if we took the initiative to create a comprehensive list of all the mistakes we’ve made and rectify each one?

Here’s a creative rephrasing of the text:

Another idea that comes to the forefront is to contemplate ways to break free from the stagnation or unhappiness that may have settled into your life.

I discovered that these experiences have the power to truly transform and enrich our lives, unlike the elusive dream of winning the lottery.

Other individuals prioritise the search for a lifelong companion, hoping to discover their perfect match.

However, it is important to acknowledge that finding love is not a simple resolution that can be achieved overnight.

To truly embrace a fulfilling relationship, it is essential to proactively invest time in self-discovery, enabling you to confidently embark on a journey towards a harmonious connection.

Some people have experienced many unsuccessful relationships yet fail to allocate time for introspection to determine if they played a role in the demise of their relationships.

Such individuals often find solace in attributing the blame solely to their former partners.

I am fully prepared to acknowledge my contribution to the negative impact of my relationships, as my lack of commitment played a role.

However, I will not shoulder the entirety of the blame.

If I were to reflect on the situation, I must admit that it was unwise for me to engage with anyone given my current mental and emotional state.

During my life, I found myself grappling with emotional and mental instability, which made it clear that seeking therapy for relationship matters would have been immensely beneficial.

I am filled with immense gratitude for the profound spiritual awakening I experienced, which led me to uncover a path towards liberating myself from the detrimental patterns that had persistently plagued my existence.

Once you liberate yourself from the clutches of those who incessantly criticise and pass judgement upon you, you have already embarked on a journey halfway towards self-empowerment.

I liberated myself from the shackles of outdated beliefs that once held sway over my very existence, hindering my progress in life.

My life would never change if I had allowed the burden of perpetual guilt and shame to weigh me down for the rest of my life.

At this very moment, I possess the power to leave all of that in the past and embark on a fresh journey.

The opportunity for new beginnings knows no bounds, and I am determined to remain authentic and show myself more compassion.

Embracing self-love has become my ultimate salvation, for I have come to realise that a life consumed by self-hatred was nothing but my self-destruction.

Sadly, some never seize the opportunity to transform their lives, forever wandering in the depths of their confusion.

But now, a newfound sense of authenticity is coursing through my veins, breathing life into my existence.

I have unlocked the power within me, utilising my unique talents as a vessel to unleash the thoughts and emotions that were once concealed deep within my being.

In due time, the suppressed fury and resentment will ideally emerge in a manner that ensures safety, unlike the potential alternative.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau

Scripture of Balance 

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