It is not always easy to look at life positively, especially when you know you have to face those inevitable days that bring with them sad memories.

This time of year, I must be mindful of how I spend my quiet time as it is so easy for me to be locked into the misery of living.

The wintry weather and the ever-present darkness already weigh my soul down, and it takes me a long time to get one foot out of bed. 

If I did not start my day off with my devotion and gratitude to God, I would not even be able to function for the rest of the day.

February is a tough month for my family, and we feel a sense of dread from the end of January. 

The passing of my Father is on the seventeenth day of February, six days after his birthday. It is not that we forget him throughout the year; it just reminds us more of our significant loss.

I light a candle on both days to pay my respects to his memory and thank God for allowing me to have had such a perfect Father. 

I refuse to dwell on his suffering as it would put me in a dark place. I choose to spend those two days away from any triggers.

I could go on about how alone I feel without my Father, friend and confidante, but it would be out of self-pity that l would be sitting down and staring at the wall.

I loved him more than life itself, but I must be strong to continue the work I am doing for the good of his memory.

I am very fortunate to have had a loving father for most of my life, and I can only speak of my gratitude and the excellent advice he gave me.

So there is always a sense of positivity we can find in one of the most challenging days of our life if we try.

Sadness is always at the forefront, but we must try to remember the good times, in my case, the majority of his existence in my life.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance 

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