Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut. (NLT) -Proverbs 10:19

Sharing too much information, failing to consider others’ feelings, dominating the conversation, demanding tone, boasting about ourselves, etc.

 Solomon gives wise advice to anyone who closes their mouth long enough to listen. Be sensible, enough said.

I have had success in coordinating meetings and making sure that everyone’s voices get heard. 
It is vitally important to raise awareness that we need to give everyone equal space to share. 

People who tend to talk too much are not always the confident people they make out to be they sometimes have no life outside the workplace, or they do not have a voice at home.

The other types are people who want to feel that they have self-important and love the sound of their voice.

In group meetings, you have to be brutally honest with the housekeeping rules as everyone is entitled to a chance.
Sometimes I have questioned some of my friendships when communication becomes one-sided for example the other person fails to digest what you are saying and changes the conversation around to talk about themselves.

I have no time for selfish people and limit the time I spend with them.
A person who lacks listening skills is the worst kind of person to share your problems with as they are too self-centred.

I cannot cope with the long version of a conversation not because I lack listening skills, I just get bored. Simple.

I admit that I lack the skill of patience when someone is too descriptive and fail to get to the point. It’s the same when I am reading a book or watching a film.
If we rewind to the early part of history women had to be silent and submissive to their husbands, their opinions or problems were not acknowledged they were treated as second-class citizens. 

I have noticed that this still happens in some cultures and other countries.

Many years ago, on one of my visits to the Caribbean islands, I got into a rage when a woman overlooked me to serve a man before me. It was almost like I didn’t exist. My Father took care of the situation.

I have found that there are people who will try to humiliate you in front of their friends if you allow them to. If you are strong enough, you should of ‘nipped it in the bud’ from the start.

All humans require is respect and understanding and to be treated equally in every aspect of life. 

We as a people need to move on from any kind of dominance whether male or female.
For any kind of relationship in life to work there has to be a balance. 

I believe that we need to make sure that in any group setting that requires any kind of interaction, there must be rules laid down and above all the maintenance of involving every single person involved.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau
The Scripture of Balance 

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