It’s quite amusing how people often brag about the number of years they’ve been in a relationship, yet they never seem to stop complaining.

But let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves, regardless of whether it’s been two months, two years, or even twenty years, how much genuine quality time have we truly invested?

In the end, it’s the quality of the time we spend together that truly matters. Quantity may impress some, but it’s the moments filled with love, understanding, and connection that truly make a relationship thrive. 

So, instead of boasting about the years, let’s focus on cherishing and nurturing the moments that truly count.

From my perspective, I find greater value in leading a gratifying existence rather than one filled with stress and staying authentic to myself rather than resorting to falsehoods.

For countless years, I’ve existed in a life that felt foreign to my true self. 

I became a master at appeasing others, sacrificing my desires, and squandering valuable moments attempting to salvage situations that I knew were doomed from the very beginning.

I found myself trapped within the confines of my foolishness when all I had to do was embrace my true self.

Embracing my true self meant being unapologetically me, a person who refused to tolerate nonsense dared to think independently, and fearlessly fought for her deepest convictions.

Ultimately, I bear the responsibility to answer to God for every choice and decision I make; no one possesses the authority to pass judgment upon me.

Another aspect I wish to emphasize is that the strength of a relationship could potentially be satisfactory if external influences refrained from meddling and exacerbating the situation.

In essence, our experiences diverge, so kindly refrain from projecting yours onto me.

In contemplating the essence of my existence, I found myself pondering the significance of quality rather than quantity of my life. 

It dawned on me that succumbing to the clutches of depression and mania and allowing them to immobilise me would render my presence in this world futile.

Each one of us has the potential to reach the remarkable age of 100 years and beyond. 

Nevertheless, if I were confined by limitations or forced to rely on others, my life would lose its essence and become devoid of true fulfilment.

Throughout the latter years of my life, I have come to realise that my true fulfilment lies in being a source of assistance to others or carrying forward my Father’s remarkable legacy. 

It is during these moments when I am not causing harm to myself, that I have discovered a profound improvement in my mindset.

 By redirecting my energy towards positive endeavours, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation within myself.

Insignificant were the trivialities that once captivated my attention but now hold no sway in my existence. 

The tides have turned with the advent of the pandemic, altering my perspective entirely. Gone are the days of mindlessly indulging in television or engaging with trivial individuals. Instead, I now invest my precious moments in self-enrichment and honing my skills.

Education and self-improvement have become my top priorities.

To strike a harmonious equilibrium, I find solace in football, boxing, and circuit training. These physical pursuits not only keep me fit but also provide a much-needed balance in my life.

Life is a complex journey, devoid of any instruction manual to guide us through its twists and turns. As we embarked on this adventure, we were armed with the knowledge imparted to us and the innate wisdom of our common sense.

Exploring the essence of quality holds far greater significance than measuring one’s experience in a particular field. 

Consider this: you may have dedicated most of your life to a job that you despised…

When the sun sets and the day ends, it is not the mere count of years that defines your existence but rather the essence and worthiness of each precious moment lived.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau

Scripture of Balance 

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