Throughout your journey, you will encounter numerous instances where you are confronted with circumstances beyond your control.

In the grand tapestry of existence, there exists an undeniable certainty that binds us all together: the inevitability of our mortal journey’s end.

The source of our anxiety lies in the uncertainty of our suffering rather than its timing.

In my youth, I possessed an unwavering fearlessness. It stemmed from an innate conviction that I had an abundance of years ahead, too young to befall any malady.

In the grand scheme of life, it is only logical that one should not depart from this world before their parents do.

Nevertheless, within this shattered realm, there can be no absolute guarantee of your safety.

While the promise of standing by each other’s side in sickness and in health is a sacred part of marriage vows, the harsh reality is that it may not always be attainable.

However, suppose you are fortunate enough to have an authentic circle of intimate friends and loving family members. In that case, there will perpetually exist an individual who will steadfastly support and guide you during challenging times.

Surrounded by his dearest kin and esteemed church members, my adored Father found solace in the comforting presence of his loved ones.

I have stood vigil at numerous bedsides, witnessing the journey of souls towards the unknown.

The departure from this world is a profoundly sorrowful event, and the weight of grief knows no bounds.

In various cultures around the world, death is revered as a passage to a different realm, distinct from our own.

Personally, I do not harbour a fear of the inevitable end, but rather, I dread the prospect of enduring pain and anguish.

However, there is an inexplicable solace that envelops me when I stroll amidst the serene grounds of my nearby cemetery.

As I traverse the vast expanse, a whirlwind of emotions engulfs me: sorrow, fury, serenity, and ultimately, acceptance.

I embrace the realisation that this marks the culmination of the physical journey, yet not the eternal essence of my being.

In my observations, I’ve come to realise that various cultures have unique customs when it comes to honouring the deceased.

It’s fascinating to witness the diverse array of items left on graves, ranging from delicate flowers to vibrant oranges, refreshing drinks, and even humble pebbles.

At times, one finds solace in death bringing forth more visitors than life ever did. It’s peculiar how certain individuals lavish great sums on elaborate tombs and coffins when they never spared a moment for you during your existence.

Having encountered individuals in their final moments, I have witnessed the unfortunate reality of some who face their last days without the comfort of family or friends by their side. These souls have endured a life of solitude, which deeply saddens me and tugs at my heartstrings.

When it comes to my loved ones, I am willing to surpass all expectations and go the extra mile.

Amid the desolate path towards death, the solace of a guiding hand and a comforting presence becomes an invaluable companion.

The voyage through the realm of mortality can be an isolating one, yet it gains profound significance when bolstered by the unwavering support and tender touch of another soul.

Alas, the timing of our departure remains an enigma, for we are unaware of the precise hour or minute that fate shall claim us. Some may cling to life with unwavering determination, prolonging the inevitable separation.

In my hopeful musings, I envision a scenario where, in the face of my impending demise, there would be a compassionate soul by my side, guiding me until my final exhale. 

However, the circumstances surrounding my departure may render this comforting notion unattainable at times.

To conclude, I want to express to each one of you the importance of cherishing every day as if it were your final one. 

Release your grudges and embrace forgiveness. 

Countless individuals carry the weight of unspoken words, forever burdened by regret.

Embrace the precious gift of good health that you currently possess. 

Let kindness and love guide your interactions with others, refraining from passing judgement or criticising, as these actions lead to significant consequences. 

Never underestimate the power of expressing your love to those who hold a special place in your heart, both through words and actions. 

Cherish every opportunity you have, for it may be the only chance you get.

Above all, strive to be honest, loyal, and true in all aspects of your life.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau 

The Scripture of Balance

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