What is the difference between racism and having prejudices?

Very similar in definition

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

We can all be accused of prejudices as we all have set our own standards in life and if other people live below that standard we don’t tolerate it.

In my opinion people can be rated as upperclass because of wealth but their behavior is below the morals and ethics set in place to define them and then we have the working class people who are noted as the lower class yet they bring their family up with what ‘upper class standards’ are meant to be hence the ‘upstairs vs downstairs theory.’

I could say I have prejudices I am very scornful of the way some people live their lives, the lack of hygiene around food and their own personal hygiene. I tend to avoid those kind of situations at all costs as my definition of cleanliness is not going to be everyone’s clean.

Some people say I am OCD I agree but I believe “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I also do not like being in the company of people who are loud, disrespectful and ill mannered. They are destructive and do not care about anyone or anything Most other things I just tolerate.

Hating someone because of the colour of their skin or because they come from a race other than yours is absolutely pathetic and ignorant. We are not born to hate we are taught to hate by the influence of our families although as we grow we are free to think for ourselves.

Surely not all people of one race are all bad, because your black your a criminal, because your of the white race and of German Heritage you are a Nazi.

As I see it Racism is of the race and prejudices are of other.

The world is full of all types of people that are classed as being different hence they will experience discrimination.

Race, colour, disability, sexuality, religion, gender, ageism, people with ginger hair, travelling community, mental health the list goes on.

I think life would be rather boring if everyone looked the same and felt the same. In every aspect of life there has to be a balance.

Unfortunately the world we live in is not a perfect place and there will always be wicked, evil and ignorant people who would not give someone different a chance to just be themselves.

I experienced racism and discrimination as a child when we moved from urban London to the countryside of Malpas, South Wales. I mean the majority of the people I came across were very ignorant, offensive, insulting and all because of the colour of my skin. To them I was inferior. uncivilised and ugly. I mean these people really believed we grew trees in our house.

They were stunned when they saw that when I washed my hands the colour did not come off, did they really believe that we were black because we never washed ourselves? believe it or not they were the ones who washed once or twice a week compared to our twice daily baths.

I was told that I was born in a ‘coal bunker’ I was called a ‘Paki’ and I am not even from Pakistan. They made monkey gestures and would spit behind us. They would not sit next to us on the bus like being black was catching.

My experience in South Wales made me aware that I was different because of the colour of my skin because my parents never mentioned colour as a disability. It did not make me hate white people even when I moved back to London in 87 it just made me wary of them. But I have got some really nice friends of all different races and I treat them equally.

I have never walked around with a ‘chip on my shoulder’ and i have never believed that ‘anyone is superior to me’ whether it be money, position or colour.

My belief is that all people should just put aside their prejudices and if they have anything against any of the above list just leave them be.

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  • Haydn
    April 18, 2022

    Racism is ignorance! I am not going to apologise on behalf of those people cause I am nor like them. I take people as I find them. I was born and raised in America and my parents are liberal and always told me to judge people as individuals.

    But I believe that deep down no matter what colour we are we all have prejudices about a certain class of people, the way they behave says it all.

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