People come into your life for a reason,
season or a lifetime.
When you know
which one it is, you will
Know what to do for that person.

I used to sit down thinking about all the wasted energy I had invested in the people that I chose to spend my time with back in the days.

I always say to myself that ‘if only I had the knowledge and wisdom that I have acquired today I would have been a powerful human being.’ 

The only way we can grow is by living and learning from the choices that we make in life.

There were many people that I wish I had never met, and others I would have liked to of spent more time with. I am sure that I’ve had a bad impact on other people’s lives on occasions.

The famous anonymous quote above helped me to see things in a more positive way.

The records today show that there are over 8.0 billion people in the whole world today and the average people we will ever meet are 10,000 in a lifetime. 

I have always been a person with many diverse groups of friends. I have always rotated the time that I have spent with each circle.

I cannot say that there were many friends that I had been close to as I try not to get too involved in people’s lives. 

The beauty of the experiences that I have had in life are the things that I have taken away, dissected, and learned. 

I have learned to accept that the people I acknowledged in my life have been part of my journey either for good or ill. I recognise that it is all down to choose, that I have allowed these people to tag along.

We all have a purpose in life and for some of us it can take a long time to realise our destiny. 

The people we choose to remain in our lives can become a positive or negative influence on our future. We must be mindful of who we bring into our circles.

Misery loves company and some people, who are negative, tend to find comfort in the fact others are suffering with them. 

There is no way forward for those who wish to view everything in life negatively and they will eventually lose friends as well as themselves.

I admit I spent a lot of my life dwelling on my ‘traumatic past,’

 It  has taken me almost a lifetime to get to where I needed to be, and I am so grateful that I did finally deal with all my resentments, and I am still managing my pain.

I have gained more understanding of who and where I am. I feel more grounded.

Things that used to bother me in the past do not have any effect on me today.

I feel free from fear of criticism and judgement from others. I no longer care what anyone thinks or feels about me.

What matters to me most is what I think of me as this has been the major problem throughout my life. The lack of confidence and self-esteem and the destructive behaviour and self-hate that I lived with.

My Father was a good influence for me, and I regret that I did not put his wisdom into practice as I do now.

Memories of my attitude and behaviour in my past remind me never to return to the ignorance and immaturity of my destructive mind.

We need to stay independent of others as in life you can guarantee that no one is going to be around you forever. People come and go.

LOVE and  take care of YOU.

Be HAPPY with YOU as you cannot escape from being.

If you are still sitting, there in confusion of who you are and what is your purpose you need to FIND YOURSELF don’t live for someone else’s dream.


In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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