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In society we are exposed to a lot of bad press.

Bad news sells.

We tend to thrive on news of crime, war, exploitation, and gossip. 

I receive regular news updates on my phone and the majority is negative press.

I used to focus on everything wrong in my life that I could never see the good that I already had. 

I never expected anything good to come out of my life and felt that I was better off dead. I was my own worst enemy.

I can still be self-destructive if I allow myself to let any kind of kind of negativity consume me.

I avoid people who love to gossip about others as you will find that they talk about you too.

Be mindful of what you tell others about yourself as they can and will use it against you when you fall out.

In my blogs I speak of the negative things that have kept me back in life in order to encourage others to see that they can overcome adversity. 

When you are able to take control of the negativity in your lives you will find yourself no longer ruminating on them.

I am not saying that life is easy and full of happiness I believe you create your own happiness. 

It is a daily battle for me to fight with that nagging voice that is tormenting me and trying to take me off my path.

Most mornings I wake up with a sense of dread that I don’t even want to get out of my bed to face the day, but I have since learnt to rein it in.

My life is about all routine. I pray and meditate before I start my day.

If my morning is interrupted my whole day loses its purpose. I am most likely to go back to my bed in the afternoon to reset again.

Balance is the key to my survival, and it is not always easy to maintain when your mind is constantly set against you. 

The pressures that I experience in my life are the normal pressures that people tend to go through minus the stress of having children and the addition of my crazy mind.

Starting my day on the right note is not always possible and some days I can be very paranoid and anxious about being around other people.

What helps me start my day is being mindful and practicing gratitude.

Write down three things each day for which you are grateful.

Try not to focus all your attention on what you don’t have and more on what you already have!

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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