DICTIONARY A remarkable and embraced occurrence that defies explanation through natural or scientific laws is thus ascribed to a divine force.

Miracles occur constantly, yet we often overlook them as we become fixated on the end result.

In this life, we carry unseen scars and bear the burden of our fractured selves.

We embrace our mortality as we acknowledge our inescapable fate.

In my personal perspective, I perceive the mere act of rising every morning as a miracle.

During my dear Father’s illness, I overlooked the miracle—the precious chance to be by his side for a remarkable span of two years and nine months.

Many individuals never have the chance to experience such precious moments.

When he underwent a risky operation in the Caribbean, the possibility of losing him became even more apparent.

Amidst my mental breakdown in 2011, the true miracle emerged in the restoration of my sanity.

It was a journey that could have easily led to permanent damage, yet I managed to recover.

Although I still battle with the illness, the miracle lies in my ability to identify triggers and possess the necessary tools to navigate through them.

This is why I never engage with the media due to its tendency to mislead and exaggerate. It has a knack for tarnishing reputations and instilling unnecessary fear.

It seems to be driven by a desire for control, which is why I approach everything I read with scepticism.

Instead, I place my faith in the power of prayer.

It has been a source of solace during moments of anxiety, most of which were mere figments of my imagination.

It’s easy to spiral into worst-case scenarios when we let our minds wander.

However, I must admit that I often fail to recognise the miracles that occur in our broken world.

While I express gratitude to God when things are going well for me, I still forget the miracle.

During numerous meetings I have attended, the recurring question arises: if there truly exists a higher power, why must good-hearted individuals endure suffering?

Why do innocent children meet untimely deaths?

My personal belief is that when someone passes away, it signifies their appointed time, and in certain instances, young souls are taken to spare them from potential hardships that lie ahead.

Although it may appear cruel, that the blameless must endure pain, it is important to acknowledge that our world is tainted by corruption.

Throughout history, countless innocent lives have been unjustly lost, leaving behind a trail of sorrow.

As individuals, we must accept responsibility for the negative impact we have had on the vast expanse of the universe.

None of us are exempt from the burden of sin.

Some may raise doubts and argue that they are faultless, claiming that their actions alone define them as blameless.

However, it is imperative to acknowledge that our dark thoughts and negative emotions towards one another also play a significant role in determining our fairness and justice.

I must reflect on my actions, as this practice consistently embodies the essence of mindfulness.

Spiritual awareness eludes many, leaving them adrift without a true sense of purpose. 

When fortune smiles upon them, they mistakenly credit themselves for their successes.

Yet, when misfortune strikes, they hastily point fingers at a higher power, blaming God for their failures.

It’s utterly absurd that they are blaming someone they never believed in—God.

And then there are those individuals who hold disbelief in their hearts yet find themselves seeking solace in the power of prayer when faced with illness.

Once the miracle unfolds, their gratitude fades, and the memory of the saviour slips away like a forgotten dream.

Perhaps there is a specific area of your life that requires a miracle. 

It could be in your relationships, finances, or even your heart. 

To confront the weighty situation that plagued me, I found it necessary to confront myself with honesty.

Through the process of creating a personal inventory, I discovered the power of identifying the aspects of my life that I yearned to improve. 

Although it sometimes entailed making difficult choices, the ultimate outcome has proven immensely beneficial for my overall well-being in the grand scheme of things.

The miracle lies in accepting that certain things are irreparably shattered and beyond restoration.

I dedicated my time to prayer to identify areas that could be enhanced.

A prayer for wisdom and strength, followed by proactive steps to prevent further stagnation…

Although emotions can be excruciating, their pain is not eternal.

I discovered that if I chose to ignore my burdens, I would be willingly subjecting myself to enduring perpetual agony for the entirety of my existence.

It was nothing short of a miracle that I found within me the courage, wisdom, and resilience to wage a relentless battle for my liberation and serenity.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau 

Scripture of Balance 

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