‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.,

 I only just now thought about the word integrity when I came across it when reading my morning devotion.

I have always viewed myself as an individual, not part of any sect. I have never been interested in following society’s norms.

 I acknowledge that I am responsible for my life choices, good or bad.

I would be the other person who stands up for their beliefs, even if I am the last man standing.

If I am going to be seen as the ‘weirdo,’ I would ensure I wear it well.

I never had problems making friends and would rather people take me at face value than a ‘fake persona’.

If you want to compete, you have Instagram and Facebook and a lot of what I see or read is only sometimes fact and is all based on fantasy and materialism.

If you started honestly, you would not have to worry about keeping up with the ‘Kardashians’.

The positive thing about these platforms is that you can find people with similar interests and have interesting, intelligent conversations without social awkwardness.

I use these platforms to support and encourage people and to share some of the real-life events that are important to me. I also have my group for mental health challenges to boost them and let them know they are not alone in their suffering.

Some people like to advertise every aspect of their lives, whether true or false, to receive publicity. Still, it becomes a problem when things are no longer going well, so they cancel their current profile on social media to recreate themselves. 

I enjoy posting my attendance at important functions and when I meet well-known people in the media world, not to brag but to share.

The rules around the media platforms are not balanced in their filtering of regular offenders and bullies. They tend to stop a person’s account for unjustified reasons, but the most offensive posts seem to escape their scrutiny.

Sometimes, the cons outweigh the pros, as we know that some people are susceptible to bullying.

The platforms are legally available for children over 13 years but do not protect them from the dangers of corrupt adults who abuse this site for negative gain.

Being real is important as I prefer to keep my reputation intact. What you see on these platforms is that I cannot live a life of lies.

I would only create a fake profile if it were an undercover operation to catch any perpetrators.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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