Please note this is not a suicide note. This is how I no longer fear my own demise.

If I were to die tomorrow, I would not feel as if God had cheated me.

I am happy to say that I have fulfilled my purpose on this earth and left my mark behind for the next generation to work with.

I may not even reach a ripe old age, but at least I have managed to find myself.

I accept the good the bad and the ugly parts of my characteristics of which I am willing to improve.

There will always be people who claim to be spiritually awake.

Actions speak louder than words.

They are still shackled to the spirit of their negative behaviours. Selfishness, jealousy, envy and plenty of hate in their hearts.

I admit that the one thing that will always keep me back is my lack of patience. My tolerance level can be extremely low when I feel that someone is not respecting my personal space.

I know there is a balance, but it will only be found in the compatibility of the subjects.

I am sure there are many more subjects, hopefully I will be able to cover as many as I can.

This project, The Scripture of Balance was originally started in December 2020 in honour and dedication to the memory of my Beloved Father and it will always be that.

The Scripture of Balance has no room for criticism or judgement. The main purpose of my project is to reach out and encourage others on journey through life.

It allows us to think for ourselves. Take back control of our lives. We are the pilots not the passengers.

It is thought provoking and in no way a matter of fact. It is my opinion alone, from my own journey. It is the way I have managed with my own coping mechanisms.

It is not based on any religious beliefs. It is for us to sit back and be able to independently think outside of any influence.

I wrote my book titled “Let’s Talk” to reach out to everyone who is struggling with this thing called ‘LIFE. It is my Journey to Sanity.

I wanted to reassure you that there is nothing wrong in feeling the way each and every one of you do. You are not alone in this struggle.

Speak your truth and reach out to others.



Blessings, Love & Light

In everything there must be a balance

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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