I am constantly evolving, healing, and expanding my knowledge.

Each life experience serves as a lesson, guiding me to be more present and embrace the beauty of living in the moment.

Despite being on this earth for five decades, I am still on a journey of discovery and growth.

It wasn’t until four years ago that I woke up from a spiritual slumber, realising that there is more to life than just going through the motions.

I questioned my purpose and found that simply existing was not enough.

There are moments in life when we fall into a routine, doing the same things daily.

But what about those moments in between?

For some, living without purpose seems like a waste of existence.

I decided to change that by focusing on education, learning new skills, and finding something I was genuinely passionate about.

Trying my hand at something new opened a world of possibilities I never knew existed.

I was devastated when I was unexpectedly let go from my job in 2011. I had taken it for granted, assuming I would always have a secure future there.

But looking back, I realize that being let go was a blessing in disguise. It pushed me to strive for more and create a life that I was genuinely proud of.

At some point in our lives, we will receive a wake-up call that shakes us from our complacency.

We may have grown accustomed to taking things and people for granted, but this moment will force us to reevaluate our priorities and realign our paths.

For those still asleep on the spiritual journey, this could motivate them to keep pushing forward.

Imagine a scenario where you suddenly find yourself without anything or anyone you have ever depended on. What would your next move be in such a situation?

This question is not to be taken lightly, as it may shock those unprepared.

The reality is that jobs are temporary, and there will always be someone there to replace you.

Similarly, no one is immortal, and we all have a limited time on this earth.

It hit me hard when I finally accepted the truth that my parents, along with all the people I hold dear, are not always going to be here.

I used to believe they would live forever naively, but the reality is that they will all be gone one day.

While mindfulness encourages us to focus on the present moment, it is essential to acknowledge that change is inevitable and must be prepared for.

Those who consistently procrastinate on preparing for the future may find themselves blindsided by unexpected events that throw off their balance.

I begin and end each day with a heart full of gratitude.

I am convinced that individuals who have faced adversity and trauma are equipped with the strength and resilience that others may lack.

Those who glide through life effortlessly, lacking purpose, will struggle when faced with the challenges of change.

One does not need to adopt a pessimistic outlook but instead should accept life as it comes.

Don’t rely on worldly possessions or fleeting excitement if you seek true fulfilment and lasting happiness.

Instead, turn inward and seek change from within yourself.

Every individual has a distinct purpose to fulfil during their journey on Earth.

Only through true wisdom and a profound understanding of oneself can one truly discover and fully embrace one’s purpose.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

Scripture of Balance

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