In everything I do, I believe that I have to be thorough, and 100% give it my all. I am not a lapse type of person.

My motto is if you want an excellent job done, do it yourself.

My definition of clean is spotless and when it comes to going out to venues, I like to look refreshed and immaculate.

Just the other day I was discussing, with a kindred spirit, about people who are well groomed. My friend is very much like me in that way.

I grew up in a family who take a lot of pride in their appearance, and this was passed down throughout the generations.

Guilty as charged. Fresh out of the shower, teeth cleaned, moisturised skin, socks pulled up and ready to face the public. 😇 That is how we rolled as children and then adults. Not a hair out of place.

I would never offer to do a job that I hate doing because it would not be done from the heart it would come with grumbling.

I take pride in my work especially something that I am enthusiastic about. I like to plan my diary to suit my wellbeing.

If I promise to do a task for anyone, I will do it and I will see it through


There are many people who make empty promises, and there are those who take forever to fulfil them.

People can be selfish, they believe that their needs should be met first, before anyone else’s.

In my world I choose what is more of a priority to me. My family will always take first place.

I spent many years of my life working on auto pilot and forgetting about my needs. This just brought on more stress and my mental health was suffering.

Today I put myself first so that I have enough strength left if my family needs me.

I do not like being put under pressure of any sort to do finish a job for anyone who assumes that it is my duty.

I am not a selfish person. I am mindful if someone taking me for granted and not appreciating what I am doing, especially when it affects my mental state.

I have since learnt to be straight with people without the fear of any kind of consequences. If they cannot respect my decision, then they know where the door is.

In the past I have been too generous with my possessions and for anyone who knows me, everything I own lasts.

I always say to my mother no one is going to respect your home as you do. Funnily enough I remember my Beloved Father saying that people will treat your home like an hotel if you let them.

I lay down the rules in my home for any visitors, family, and friends a like and if someone does not want to respect my wishes then they needn’t come. I am quite happy to have less work to do and live in a cleaner environment.

Why I say this, is some people will see rubbish on the floor and walk on or over it, even though the bin is directly in front of them. I have had people spill food and drinks on my clean carpet and think nothing of it.

I could never get used to a dusty or dirty home and if I ever lived like this you would then need to contact the Community Mental Health Team.

This is who I am take it or leave it.

The balance of this is it’s okay to live in an untidy home but not a filthy, dirty place.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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