It’s no easy task to rid oneself of anger, especially when it incessantly replays in your mind like a malfunctioning record player.

Reflecting on past grievances serves no purpose other than nurturing bitterness.

So, when those thoughts start to invade your mind, choose the path of elevation.

Merely tolerating or managing the situation won’t suffice; instead, bravely confront it head-on.

As time has passed, I’ve noticed a change within myself.

Growing older has made my patience wear thin, and even the smallest things that may not affect others ignite my anger.

However, the things that once used to infuriate me no longer hold any power over my emotions.

Failed relationships and the negativity thrown my way no longer have the ability to make me flinch.

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with a shortage of patience.

However, as of late, I’ve adopted a new approach: I grant individuals an opportunity to recognise when their actions become bothersome to me.

If it becomes evident that they have no intention of changing, I simply limit the time they spend in my presence.

I must admit, I am far from flawless, and there are moments when my complaining might irk those around me. However, lately I have consciously avoided placing myself in circumstances that would give me cause to grumble.

The fury ignites when an individual stubbornly clings to their negative actions, refusing to mend their ways, and soon after, the resentments take hold.

This overwhelming frustration burdens me to such an extent that it gravely affects my health.

More than a year ago, I discovered the invaluable lesson that if you cannot heal what ails you, you must either endure it or make a swift exit.

Engaging in this practice has brought a sense of peace into my life, and I have come to realise that I no longer have to tolerate the presence of such individuals.

Life is too short thus taken for granted.

I had always taken life for granted, never truly appreciating its value. It wasn’t until my Father fell ill that I received a profound wake-up call, realizing just how delicate and fragile life can truly be.

In those pivotal moments, I finally understood the profound significance of my own existence. I came to the realisation that I must distance myself from the toxic behaviors of others, as indulging in anger and negativity would only deplete the precious days I have on this earth, leaving my soul unfulfilled.

I now make conscious decisions about how I allocate my precious time and energy.

Stress, the ultimate life destroyer, holds the top spot as the number one killer.

The root causes lurking beneath its surface are nothing short of harmful to my well-being.

So, why on earth would I willingly subject myself to such detrimental situations in the very beginning?

So I remain mindful of not only how I spend my time, but also where and with whom I choose to invest it.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie M Bleau

Scripture of Balance

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