A family is an assembly of individuals bound by love.

 While there may be moments when everyone seems at enmity with each other, the shadow of love still remains.

A genuine family shows acts of kindness and treats one another with respect. They may engage in occasional arguments and disagreements, yet the constant reminder of love’s presence enables them to find solutions and mend their bonds.

There are many individuals who find themselves with biological relatives who are like strangers, they acknowledge their existence solely based on genetics.

However, despite lacking a true connection, these individuals discover solace in the company of their chosen family – a circle of loyal friends who shower them with love and respect, surpassing anything they have ever experienced with their own blood relations. 

In a world where differences in opinions and lifestyles can lead to rejection and loneliness, these remarkable individuals manage to build a support system that fills their lives with joy and acceptance.

The evidence is undeniable that you have the power to embrace dependable individuals into your inner circle, treating them as cherished family members.

If you are one of the fortunate individuals who have the privilege of enjoying a close bond with your biological family, then you are truly blessed.

The last moments I spent in the hospital alongside my brother Raj, his family, and friends were truly invaluable.

During our time together, one of Raj’s close friends enquired about my own family. 

I confessed that I did not have a family of my own, but rather, I embraced the role of adopting those who sought compassion and kindness.

Throughout my life, I have encountered numerous remarkable individuals who have showered me with love and acceptance, regardless of who I am. 

Raj was undoubtedly one of them. Despite not being blood-related, our bond resembled that of a brother and sister. He possessed a rare combination of humility, gentleness, and selflessness.

Raj’s intelligence was unparalleled, and his loyalty and trustworthiness were unwavering. Despite his own suffering, he consistently prioritised my well-being over his own.

“Those are the qualities that you expect to find in a close-knit family and the only other time I experienced this was with my Beloved Father.”

In my lifetime, I have encountered individuals who I would wholeheartedly embrace as my second family.

 These remarkable souls possess an unwavering commitment to my well-being and never seek to exploit my inherent kindness.

There is one undeniable truth that I hold dear: within my family circles, all I seek is the genuine presence of kindness and understanding, without any expectations.

I am not indebted to anyone just as much as no one is indebted to me.

In everything, there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

Scripture of Balance

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