We live in a complex world where some of us will not be counted as normal in this society.

What is normal?

My definition of ‘normal’ is probably different to societies idea of the norm. 

Let’s start from the beginning of life, where a baby is born with all fingers and toes, and everything is in the right place. He/she appears to be perfectly healthy.

The abnormality of a person is when they develop physical or mental defects which renders them as disabled. They are normal to themselves as they have known no different.

The definition of ‘normal’ in society is what is accepted and what is advertised.

The peer pressure of the ideal social norm is trying to fit in with the in-crowd.

The media is a good example of, not so much about the respectable behaviour, but the outward appearance.

The main characteristic of the ideal woman is what is advertised in the magazines and on the television.

This is what girls from as young as eight years old are trying to live up to. Then the mental defect begins with bulimia, anorexia, lack of self-esteem and then impacts the behaviour of low self-worth.

The relationship they have with food is unhealthy as they see it as the enemy.

Societies norm can be different in other cultures where some children are forced to put on excess weight to become accepted as healthy.

My question is why can’t we just be who we are without having to live up to what other people say or think?

Normal is being yourself and what you are comfortable with, it is not about living up to someone else’s ideals.

I remember when I was younger,  I was very thin and had problems gaining a healthy weight. Trust me I got grief from all sides.

The older black generation would say I needed feeding up, the girls my own age would call me anorexic, and the middle-aged people thought I was ill.

The only people who were not worried were my family because we all have a fast metabolism.

The balance of normality is built on our own perception. We must be grateful for who we are and if we are unhappy work on ourselves.

What we must not do is focus on trying to be a clone of somebody else.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance

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